Drew Bracey passes the total number of yards to break the record

Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning’s 71,940-yard pass record and saints became the new historical passer-by queen after completing a 62-yard catch with Tre’s Quan Smith.

Before the game, Briss passed 71,740 yards in third place in history, more than 4600 yards (67077) than Tom Brady.

In the second quarter of the game, Briss became second in history by crossing Brett Favre on a one-yard touchdown with Josh Hill.

Bracey told reporters before the game that he had never thought of reaching the height of today when he first joined the league. He was “very grateful” for this, but said he would still focus on winning rather than breaking the record.

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Eagle runner Wei Jay al al al Al Arab al al al gay Iraq season reimbursement

Jay al al al al jayi questioned the proportion of the eagle hitting the ball.

Although Agayi hoped the Hawks would arrange more shots, he had no chance to continue to contribute yardsticks.

According to NFL Network correspondent Ian Rapoport, the 25-year-old runner will be added to the injury reserve list after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament of his knee during a pass.

That leaves only Corey Clement (Wendell Smallwood), Josh Adams (Josh Adams) and Darren Sproles (injured).

It may also be Agayi’s last game in the Hawks, because he will enter the free market this New Orleans saints jerseys summer. The 2015 Dolphin Five-Round Show went a thousand yards in his second season of career and was traded to the Hawks last fall, pushing 408 yards for a touchdown.