The number one runner up and the Italians on the list

The first week of the new season has officially ended and many players have shown themselves to be good and bad. 2 veteran quarterback and a 7 – time Italy kicker became the best player of the week.

United best players:

Kansas City chief quarterback Smith has become the best offensive player of the week. The 35 time he successfully obtained 28 passes 368 yards and 4 touchdowns, leading the Emirates 42-27 victory over the new England patriots. He had 2 touchdown passes are achieved at least 75 yards. Who said that Smith will not pass?

The Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Campbell Carlisle became the first AFC defensive player jerseys of week. In the first game after he joined Jaguar, he makes Houston Dezhou people terrified, made 4 sacks record in team history record in the 29-7 win the game.

The first week of the American League’s best player award by the secret service. Oakland Raiders Giorgio tower vizioz obtained. The Milan born player finished all 4 free kicks, including 1 52 yards and 1 43 yard shots. “I’ve been dreaming for this moment for a very long time,” said Kobita Vecchio, 27. “It’s very special.”

United Nations best player:

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford became the first week of the NFC offensive player jerseys nhl nfl mlb. He was the New Orleans saints defensive with precision passing tear, 32 passes 27 times successfully gained 346 yards and 3 touchdowns, helping the Vikings beat the saints.

Losangeles Weitelumeien – ram’s horn Johnson became the first National League defensive player of the week. He finished 1 yards in 39 yards and scored 1 times, forcing the ball out and helping ram 46-9 to win over the Indianapolis pony. Johnson’s copy was the seventeenth time in his career.

Detroit lion kicker / Matt Platt became the best secret team player of the week. He not only completed 1 times for 58 yards shot, also completed all 2 touchdowns additional points shot. In addition, he finished 4 punt, average per punt kick 35 yards, helping 35-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals lion.