Angry to send a good bureau, Beckham conceal disappointment interview, implying that Manning will not pass the ball.



Oddle Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants are still looking for answers in today’s game against the Carolina Panthers, starting with a 1-4 encounter, and the offensive team is struggling and looks set to go far this season. In an interview with ESPN last week, Beckham said he did not rule out that the team’s offensive block was due to Eli Manning’s problems, but he also pointed out that his use of methods are not satisfied, it seems unreasonable.

Since Beckham joined the league in 2014, Manning has been his starting quarterback, the two have completed a total of 38 line-ups, but before today’s game against the Panthers, the two have not reached the line-up. Asked if the team’s offensive problems were the quarterback’s own, Beckham answered: “I don’t know. I just don’t think he’s going to escape from his pocket. We all know Eli won’t run. It’s not a question of how much time he has. Can he pass the ball? Yes, he’s much safer than before. He always passes shallow routes and gives me difficult balls, but you know me. I like to surpass others.

Perhaps little Manning could not strike a far-reaching line, but perhaps Beckham could. Faced with the Panthers, the Giants finally scored more than 30 points on the offensive, and Pat Shermar played a beautiful offense, which was also part of the offensive team coach Mike Shula’s revenge. As part of the game, Odell Beckham 13 number jerseys got his first pass to the lower left after Manning kicked off, and Beckham immediately took the ball and found Savannah Buckley in the upper right corner after flying 30.4 yards in the air. The latter got rid of a defender to complete the 57 yard line-up.

At the time, it meant that Beckham had more passes this season (1) than receivers (0), and even more embarrassing, it meant that Beckham had more long passes this season than Manning. The ball travels 30.4 yards in the air, which is longer than any passing by Manning Jr. after the fifth week of the 2017 season, according to ESPN. This is obviously an embarrassing statistic for the Giants.

But Beckham’s long pass apparently ignited Manning’s desire for a long pass. In the second half of the game, Manning also linked up with Beckham to complete the 33-yard pass, which is the first time that Manning has completed a long pass over 20 yards this season. However, to beat the Panthers, Manning and Beckham needed to complete more of these long passes, and eventually they were killed by Graham Garno with a 63 yard free kick.

“I’ve never had this kind of situation,” Beckham said. “I think over the past five years, it’s getting harder and harder for me to catch the ball. Sometimes I feel like I’m being tricked because there are some balls that I don’t have a chance to play. For example, I need to take some very off-course to get 60 yards, not that it’s bad, but I also want some simple touchups. Sometimes I’ll watch other top league receivers and see how they take the ball. If they’re like me, there’s nothing to say. I always have to face some tough catch.

It looks like Beckham is not happy, but he should do it himself. Even after a touchdown and a catch, there is still no way to hide Beckham’s low-level mistakes in the face of the Panthers. With 50 seconds to go in the first quarter, the Giants fought four trips and three yards, and Beckham missed Manning’s pass. Then he made a bigger mistake. Beckham stood near the end line as a backcourt player and the ball hit his foot. He didn’t look for it in the first place, and he didn’t try to stop it. Giants Janoris Jenkins and Eli Ampur wiped his ass or grabbed it. In the end, the ball stumbled into the end zone and was scored by Colin Jones of the Panthers. These two mistakes made the Giants face a 14-3 lag early.

In addition to Beckham, Manning also threw out two copies, these mistakes are the adversity of the New York giants jerseys can not afford. In the long run, a losing season may not be the worst result. If they can get a good place in the draft again, they may be able to choose Manning’s successor, but only if they do not choose Beckham’s successor.