Eagles defense end: Barkley sets 3 professional bowl players with the same advantages.

Every week, the giants rookie runner-up (Saquon Barkley jerseys) can perform several superb performances, reminding people of his unique ability.

Even the defenders of the enemy team have to admit his superiority.

Before Thursday’s skirmishes, the Hawk’s defensive end-forward (Michael Bennett) expressed his affirmation of Barkley’s ability.

“I haven’t seen such a running guard for a long time.” Bennett said Tuesday, “He reminds me of several people, smart as Marshawn Lynch, balanced as LeSean McCoy, and fast as Jamaal Charles. He seems to have the advantages of these people.

Although he was dragged behind by an attacking front, New York giants jerseys resulting in unstable performance, but Buckley can find a chance to break out in every game.

Barkley was also the first rookie to advance more than 100 yards in his first five games after Adrian Peterson and Kareem Hunt. He has completed at least one 24 yard advance in four games, including 68 yards and 57 yards twice.

Barkley is also the league’s only four-shot runner over 300 yards, catching more than 200 yards, and the other three are (Todd Gurley), Melvin Gordon and (James Connor).