100 Joy Bosa, Losangeles lightning, defensive ends.

If not the ram and eagle in last year’s draft choice to trade, so Joey botha is likely to be the first pick in the 2016 NFL draft. As a defensive winger, there were monster levels in college. Before the draft, his 40 yard dash in the University during the period of 4-3 data and play defensive system, let the outside world think he may not meet the lightning 3-4 defense system, but rookie terrorist rushed pass, enough to get rid of the outside world questioned. Although before the start of the season because the problem has yet to complete the signing of the contract, but also because of the injury until the full game playing around, but 12 games in his debut season botha over 11 sacks with 11 knockouts quarterback, forced 38 quarterback hurried out of hand, and also made the extraordinary data 60 times pressure. The last runner to hand over such horrific data in the first 12 games of the rookie season was Miller of the current mustang. If Barbosa played the full 2016 season, the descendants of the gang Chong military 100 star ranking may be closer to the top.

99 Malcolm Butler, new England patriots jerseys china, horns

The 2016 season is Buttala firmly secured the new England patriots starting cornerback position for second years, is a genuine star cornerback Jinfa year. Butler left to the outside world the most glorious moment is than the last moment of the 2015 Super Bowl winning the Seahawks steals, but that year he was just a substitute. But the 2015 season with the Patriots three main cornerback. Finally, both get the chance to start, then get out of hand. In 2016, his high light performance made him the The Associated Press’s season’s two best team. The famous website occupation football focus (hereinafter referred to as PFF), Butler won 88.6 points, seventh League cornerback. One of a pair of anti ability large connected in the 2016 season to get the perfect show.

98 Adrian Peterson, the New Orleans saint, the running guard

Pedersen ranked fifth in the top 2016 players, but in 2017, because of injury, age and competitive state that he fell to ninety-eighth. Pedersen in the 2016 season because of injury at the beginning of the season to season and played only 3 games, a total of 37 red ball only in return for 72 yards, with a falling ball, so that the performance of the season, to tell the truth from the athletic performance is still somewhat surprising to Pedersen on the list. As a 32 year old veteran running back, Pedersen in the offseason has long left the effectiveness of the Vikings, to the saints in New Orleans will charge into the enemy ranks the 2017 season.

97 David DeCastro, Pittsburgh Steelers, guard

Pittsburgh Steelers has a front 3 alliance, and the front line in addition to the left Jiefeng outside of the remaining 4 places are the main players in each position alliance first 10 players. 2016 before the start of the season, de Caastro won the Steelers 6 years $58 million, enough to prove his value and role. In the 2016 season, cheap nfl jerseys PFF scored 86.6 points for Germany, and League front guard (no matter around) ranked ninth.

96 Damon Harrison, New York giants, defensive front

Let’s say, in the 2016 season, who is the strongest defensive guard? Harrison of the New York giants have absolute. Giants last season won the third third of the league’s anti – running data, absolutely inseparable from Harrison’s excellent play. Harrison made a total of 86 tackles last season. According to PFF’s score, Harrison was the best defensive player of the League last season.