NFL the new season begins.

Do you know all the strong teams of the new season?

Before the start of the NFL season, every sports platform offered the list of NFL teams. “There’s a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand viewers,” and there’s always some difference in the rankings of each platform, but it’s almost the teams that dominate the list.

Philadelphia Eagle jerseys

The last Super Bowl champions won the playoffs just by substituting quarterbacks and going through the game all the way. As defenders, nobody dares to underestimate them.

New Orleans Saints jerseys

Captain Drew Briss is more attacking than Brady, and the Saints surged after winning two super runners-up. In the new season, the saints will start with a winning streak and become the leader of the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys

Big Ben, Antonio Brown, Le Vion Bell, the league’s strongest offensive trident, lost last season’s League final to the Patriots. They have the strongest offensive team and talent in the division, and if it weren’t for Bell’s contract influence, the Steelers would be generally higher in the rankings.

Losangeles RAM jersey

Under the leadership of young coach McVeigh and young quarterback Jared Gough, the Rams attacked very smoothly. This off-season, they will reinforce the defense, such as in the off-season they recruited a top defensive interceptor – Ndamcom – Su.

Jacksonville Jaguars jersey

Jaguars are the most talented team in recent years, and their biggest shortboard was the quarterback! The Jaguar showed a defensive strength in the last season, and the attack team also improved slightly. The Jaguar of the new season is recognized as the first team in the Southern League of the United States.

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