This is the best NFL era! US media commentary on active athletes presidential Hill

How strong are Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers jerseys ? There are so many athletes in the world, only 2,000 NFL players in active service. The greatest of them are Brady and Rogers, who are even less influential in the world than the famous athletes of their time. Recently, the well-known US media “First Things First” listed the earth’s active athletes President Hill, can appear in this composite chart list of people, is not the existence of groaning, because the “First Things First” text is: If this is not the golden age of top athletes, then I do not know. What is it!

Let me start with a brief introduction to the origin of “President mountain athletes”. There is a famous “Presidential Hill Park” in the United States, on which four famous Presidents are carved: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They are outstanding leaders in American history, epoch-making figures, and “great pioneers” leading the trend of American history, symbolizing the highest and most powerful. So correspondingly, if we want to find the “Mount Presidents athletes” among the active athletes, who can win?

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the greatest player in NFL history. When he won the 51st Super Bowl in 2017, all the controversy over whether Brady deserves the G.O.A.T. Title ceased, and he was the only active G.O.A.T. Brady in the four major leagues of North America to deserve such praise. Looking through his glory book: 8 into the Super Bowl, 5 Cups, 4 Super Bowl MVPs, 3 regular season MVPs, such a report card can explain everything.

Interestingly, Brady’s stories of growing up are quite different from those of other gifted, successful sons of God. During college, Brady wasn’t even sure if he was fit to play football. He planned to be an intern at a securities firm during the summer vacation. While enrolling in the NFL draft, he also made his resume, thinking about putting on a suit and becoming a steady white-collar in case the draft didn’t work out. And the fact seems to confirm this: at the 2000 draft, the Patriots took the quarterback from the University of Michigan back to New England in the first 198 places in the sixth round, in nineteen ninety-nine. But it was the mediocre rookie who led the team to the MVP in the second year of his career. This NFL’s greatest legend has moved towards G.O.A.T..

It is worth mentioning that Brady’s “standby time” is too long, at the age of 41 he is still in peak form, just won last season’s regular season MVP. When Brady retires, his data may be very impressive. There was once a small question on the official Twitter account of NFL: Do you think Tom Brady jerseys is a quarterback for G.O.A.T? According to the statistics, 80% of the netizens chose YES, so that when people talk about Brady now, they don’t even put him in the quarterback position to compare, but directly consider it as the rugby history of the G.O.A.T candidate. At this point, even the biggest fans of Payton Manning and Joe Montana are hard to refute.

Alon Rogers, who has always been one of G.O.A.T.’s strong competitors, was completely overwhelmed by Brady’s performance at the 51st Super Bowl, an unprecedented and difficult reversal on the top stage. Even though Rogers is not as good as Brady in history, it’s hard to deny the fact that Rogers is the strongest quarterback in the NFL and the strongest player in the NFL. Though 34, Rogers’form shows no signs of decay and is still at its peak.

According to the statistics, Rogers holds the NFL’s highest career quarterback score (103.8), the season’s highest quarterback score (122.5, 2011) and the all-time best touchdown-interception ratio of 4.13:1 (at least 2000 attempts). Just a few weeks ago, Rogers signed the biggest contract in NFL history, worth $134 million in four years, which is epic, equivalent to crowning him the first person in the League today!

Merlot in football jerseys, Ferner in tennis, Jamaica Lightning Bolt in track and field, Phillips in swimming, 23 Olympic gold medals, and Brady and Rogers, the two “sons of God,” are the greatest products of our time and the luck of our time. The world sports arena is very wonderful just because of their existence.