Maple signing field are 1.4 points rookie offensive front so that the union tremble

This morning, Toronto maple leaf and nfl jerseys china another high hopes they have been young players – Jeremy – Braque signed a three year contract. Braque is the two round of the 2015 draft.
Braque is currently in the OHL League, is preparing for the upcoming playoffs.

After joining the OHL at the start of the 2015-16 season, Braque has gro
wn into one of the top players in the league, scoring 46 goals and assists in his last 106 games in the last two seasons in. He has 25 goals and 58 assists in his last 57 games.
Maple leaf in the 2015 draft conference to the second round of the total sixty-first pick Braque. They were one of the year’s most promising rookie, Mitch Kupchak, who is now one of the best performing players in NHL this season. In addition, the team has been with them that year, another two round show, defender Travis – and the three rounds of the show – Andrew – Nelson reached an agreement with the.
The two players are currently in the maple leaf AHL subsidiary, and is the best in the team of the two offensive guards.

With the signing of Braque, maple leaf has been hoarding a number of very talented striker: Aston – and – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

Wild sharks 3-2 victory over the end of five straight
The two ailing despotic territories, just three defeats the Pacific Division first Jose Sharks at Minnesota, the challenge has experienced five straight district second wild team, the two sides in the second quarter on scoring spree in 1 minutes, each scored two goals, but the home court battle wild or by virtue of solid defense to 3:2 the defeat of the shark, ending his five game losing streak.

In this game, second back-to-back games sharks put goalkeeper Martin Jones, in jerseys online order to deal with this tough battle, sharks here, the new aid Yannick Hansen continued absence, Patrick Marlowe returned to a group of partner captain Joe Pavel Khodorkovsky and Joe thornton.

Opening, the wild team took the initiative on the field, the team took a number of forward team hit the shark defense line, the defender also frequently come forward assists, suppressed the opponent’s attack. Ninth minutes, Defender Jia Reid, Spokane Kean almost single opportunity, shark attack two groups had to hook people right to destroy the opponent’s foul. But the wild team play the nance, Zach Palisai and Eric Stroh in the left wall and the two shark team competition, defender Matt Dunbar positive coming forward so that he won the opportunity to directly hit the door, he received Palisai pass after a slight adjustment, the ball straight up the top right corner of the net, 1:0.

The leading wild group three team still he’s really not letting this go – Han, Marty and Nino cheap nfl jerseys Ryder – ned Zell sharks gate in sixteenth consecutive minutes, but Jones was calm, keep the score of 0:1 to the end of the first quarter, the positive aspects of shooting wild team dominated by 11:4.

In section second, the wild team still occupy the active attack, sharks by physical confrontation to win the initiative in the field, they are ninth minutes in a conflict forced J Bo Kean high pole Thornton foul, the shark finally hits the few opportunities, but they did not take advantage of this opportunity, even in the case of many cricket at the end of violation, which will have a great impact on the morale of the team. In the second half of the second quarter, in the two team group center Rogan under the leadership of Ctzul, the door to the wild sharks rally, the team frequently threatened. Seventeenth minutes and 57 seconds, a group of sharks completely suppressed the wild team defense, two defender Justin Braun and David schrunk calmly in the blue line instigated offensive latter shot, Marlow in front of a ball, change direction after flying into the wild gate, 1:1.

But just 30 seconds after the wild team will score more than once again, need to breakthrough single Ryder shark defence caused confusion, he in negative angle shot although saved by Jones, Han and Jason Zell pominville continuous bushe, finally will poke the ball into the door guarded by Jones, 2:1.

After 15 seconds, the wild team expanded the lead, and Palisai in shark guard fights for victory, he gets the ball back to Charlie Coyle, the latter a direct shot once again ripped through Jones ten to 3:1.

After 15 seconds, the wild team a fatal mistake, in the face of Chongdiao sharks, German goalkeeper and defender Nicky – Dube communication errors, Nick Dube jumped out the door can’t control the ball, Marlowe easily around the door succeeded on the plum to open two degrees. Within 1 minutes, the two teams frantically scored the ball, the two sides with a score of 3:2 into the fight for the third quarter of the year, the first two of the 4.
In the third quarter, the two sides continue to be deadlocked, but the wild team through a strong midfield defense to limit the attack of the sharks, the first 13 minutes of the shark is only a positive shot of the 2. The final wild team to rely on the tenacious defense, finally stop the sharks team kuanggong, the score of 3:2 to beat the opponent, the end of the five game losing streak, but also gave the opponent a four game losing streak.