John – (John Ross), University of Washington

Height 180 cm, weight 86 cheap nike nfl jerseys kg, 40 yard dash in 4.22 seconds, breaking the NFL test record

Introduction: after the 40 yard dash break test record, Ross is in the hands of only third, I’m afraid there are a lot of people dissatisfied. Generally speaking this is a type of problem. The first two are tall and large outside, and Ross is a short speed. And most of the team’s top players are big (unless you are Antonio – Brown), so for this reason. Ross college has more twists and turns, in the first grade and the second grade in the position he took over a low, add up to two years to catch 40 times, the code number is less than 600 yards, it was because the team in the two line of the shortage of people and was assigned to play cornerback. He’s been in a truce for 2015 years. Not until the past 2016 seasons, he had to catch the ball for 81 yards up to 17 yards into the top of the took over the NCAA. Therefore, from the qualifications, he also want to lag behind Williams and Davies a little.
Analysis of his type, needless to say we can guess, Ross is undoubtedly the most prominent of his large code capacity. This is not only because of his speed, after receiving the ball, his speed and turning ability is also very good, often can make defenders outsmarted, at this point in his 2016 season in the Pacific League (Pac-12) the final touchdown was already. Thanks to the speed, his ability to attack back is also very good. In addition to the large number of capacity, he is also a good ability in several other areas. In the anti mark, adjust the center of gravity and acceleration and his ability to change to any angle who tremble with fear. Because of the characteristics of the body, he was able to find the balance when the ball is very good, but the ability to compete for a certain limit. Professional quality is also very high, willing to stay on the field, but also willing to serve as a counter attack, but still subject to physical constraints, the cover is very general.

In front of Williams and Davies are good at the ball and run the route, and the biggest advantage of the strength of his big code is undoubtedly the ability of the big number of. In other areas, he is also remarkable, but by the limitations of short stature, in the fight for the ball and cover these two things can not do nike nfl jerseys a good job, but it is understandable.
Draft forecast: eighteenth, Tennessee Titans, or no. twenty-first, Detroit Lions

Karzai – Jones (Zay Jones), East Carolina University
Height 185 cm, weight of 89 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.45 seconds
Introduction: Jones and Davies came to school as a child, but there is a gap between primary and secondary schools. Davies is located west of Michigan in 2016 regular season games scored six new year’s bowl, and Jones’s East Rolina even in the little league only at the bottom. Even so, Jones’s ability to get a lot of recognition. In just the end of the 2016 season, he had 158 catches for 1746 yards of terror 8 touchdowns, indeed, the team is using the traditional air raid tactics (Air Raid), but in what tactics in single season 1700 yards are valiant record.

The Williams, Davies and Ross, respectively, and the ball running route code number, and today the last introduced Jones, just outside is good to meet the requirements of the over fourth – occupation literacy skills. Jones has a variety of foreign occupation over the quality required is very competitive, have be absorbed in consciousness at any time, find the first attack line, also can timely out in fast attack. Although the strength of the general, but after getting the ball very hard, no fear of the impact of defensive players. The cover is also good to take over (but it needs to be improved). Ability to protect the ball first-class, college career 399 times to get the ball out of the ball only two times, the last time in 2014. His ability in other aspects are good, long arm hand, a wide range, according to the course of the ball position and posture adjustment. Show the ability to find a gap in the running route, but also need to accumulate some experience. There is also a large number of vertical access to the ability of the code, after receiving the ball can dodge grab, but also have the experience of back attack.
Therefore, Jones can be said to be different from the three people in front of the fourth types, the most prominent competitive awareness, in other areas are also good. Mainly in the traditional air raid tactics only by the limitations of the lack of experience in the running route, which can be made up after joining NFL.

Draft forecast: No. thirty-eighth, Losangeles lightning, or the second round of the forty-eighth, Minnesota Vikings
Overall, this year’s external take over from the number may not be like last year, four people were selected in cheap nike jerseys the first round of the grand occasion. But Williams and Davies two people, the absolute strength of the number one to take over, this is the first round of last year’s four players so far have not done. In addition to introduce today the four other, and Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schuster (JuJu Smith-Schuster of the University of Southern California), Curtis Samuel (Curtis Samuel, Ohio), Chris Gao Dewen (Chris Godwin, Pennsylvania), Cooper Karp (Cooper Kupp in Donghua, Washington) and other players have to select in the second or third stage. Specific circumstances, we wait and see when the draft.