NFL La cheerleaders less money? The alliance is ready to improve the treatment

NFL la la team members more money, little thing? The truth is…

A wonderful sports game will always be the support of the cheerleaders. NFL games are sometimes boring, but the fans on the spot can turn their eyes to the cheerleaders, the beautiful appearance and the wonderful performance that can not stop the eyeballs of the audience.

For many boys, quarterback is a job with more money and less work. Many girls also dream of becoming a NFL cheerleader. Like boys, they have more money and less work. Is it really a beautiful job to work in the cheerleading team? Recently, NFL announced that it would work together with practitioners to improve their treatment and let many sad facts surfaced.

Restricted freedom

Blackwell, a former sage team member, released a self timer on social media in March, and the team dismissed it after learning that it was a violation of the team’s rules. Then Blackwell appealed to the court before his home. Accusing the saints of interfering too much in their private lives, and taking double standards for players and their team. What is even more ridiculous is that the krad wall, a member of the dolphin team, has been sacked for his belief in Christianity. At present, two cheerleaders and four lawyers are ready to sue the team and the alliance. They hope that NFL can introduce a regulation to regulate the cheerleading system. New York Times reported that NFL sent a letter to Blackwell, expressing sincerity of the alliance’s desire to improve the treatment of cheerleaders. Blackwell did not disclose the details of the letter, but thanked the Alliance for its kindness. The experience of the above two cheerleaders is just the tip of the iceberg. Due to the lack of unified management, the NFL team jerseys has set up various terms for the cheerleaders. For example, the weight must be controlled within the prescribed range, and there should be no tattoos. All kinds of restrictions on the pitch and on the field make players feel free to exist, like a man walking in a suit.


The New York Times also revealed that the 2013 Washington Red Skin team had been asked to take a nude calendar photo that the club even invited to see. These photos were taken on an adult beach in Costa Rica. Cheerleaders were also told that photographs for calendars would not expose their bodies. The Times reported that some cheerleaders were asked to take part in a nightclub activity. At work, cheerleaders often bring trouble to their beauty and often have black hands in their work. Bosses will turn to using their beauty to do some edge ball activities, so as to stimulate the consumption of male fans.

A low reward

Because of the fierce competition, the team is not worried about the source of the cheerleaders. The income of the cheerleaders is not as high as expected. In 2014, the salaries of the cheerleaders were lower than the minimum security wages in the United States, and in such a cheap case, the jet fleet and the Raiders were also suspected of arrears of the wages of the cheerleaders. To every Lara player, the experienced players can get 8000 to 15000 dollars in a season, and the newcomers have a lot less for a variety of reasons. The price of a match usually ranges from $70~150. Taking into account the prices and extreme weather factors, cheerleaders’ salaries can be described as “hard money”. In addition, a large number of props and costumes are required for the training of the cheerleaders, which are usually not reimbursed by the team, but are paid by the players themselves. Bill also asked players to sell their calendars every season, and they had to buy these calendars from their own pockets. The mlb jerseys income of the cheerleaders has attracted public attention. The pirates have been compensated by the court for 820 thousand dollars due to their low salary.

At present, all kinds of regulations for cheerleaders’ work and private life can be described as numerous, but there are few measures to protect them. The cheerleaders are being materialized and overconsumed. The absence of written rules is one of the main reasons. On the NFL side jerseys, it is necessary to introduce relevant rules and regulations as soon as possible to restrict and supervise the team. Only in this way can the cheerleaders stay alive in the arena. Such a group of cheerleaders can develop in a positive direction.