Chiefs 42-34 beat Houston Texans

Beijing time at 8:30 on October 9th morning. Houston, the Houston Texans, is home to the only team that has ever won the game – Kansas City chiefs jersey. In history, the Emirates led the Houston Texans with 5 wins and 4 losses. Dezhou rookie four point guard Sean – Watson and the Emirates rookie guard Kareem – Hunter this season’s play is bright. This game both players end, Houston Texans defender JJ- Watt in the beginning of the game he was injured, and the season, the chiefs tight end Travis Kelsey because the next concussion. In the end, the Emirates beat Dezhou by 42:34, winning the 5 straight win. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith 37 to 29, 324 yards, 3 touchdowns. Houston Texans in the four quarterback de Sean – Watson 31 pass 16, 261 yards, 5 touchdowns.

Game Focus

The beginning of the game, the chiefs offensive play smooth. Quarterback Alex – Smith by finding Chris Conley and DeMarcus Robinson took over as. Despite spending more than 8 minutes, but the chiefs or steady, easy to promote the Dezhou red zone. Although in the Dezhou area 17 yards before the TPLF stopped, but in the face of free kick 35 yards was the chiefs kicker firmly hit, the chiefs in Houston Texans’s home court first topped 3:0. The Dezhou man’s defence chief, JJ- Watt, suffered an injury to his knee and tibia and was reimbursed for the season. The Houston Texans’s first offensive ended in defeat, throwing the ball back to the Emirates in the first half.

Half back, Dezhou offensive team failed again. However, in the next attack, the Houston Texans recovered a bit of offense. Houston Texans won the first attack, and select 9 yards at the Emirates team chose fourth strong offensive, will Fuller after the ball ran into the end zone. In the big score behind, the Houston Texans jerseys chose to play 2 points conversion, but failed, 23:13.

Rely on the Emirates team before the end of the third quarter tailike – Hill magic ball 38 yards to attack. The Emirates continued to control the field and hit free kicks again after spending 4 minutes, 26:13. Next is the Dezhou rookie four point guard Sean – Watson’s performance time, first saw the opportunity to run out of 16 yards. Then there was a 48 yard pass across the half court to find will Fuller, completing the touchdown, 26:20. The Emirates are obviously trying to keep winning. In the end Ross Davies, wide receiver Chris Conley and Kareem – running back Hunter has played well.

The defense of Houston Texans in JJ- Watt was injured after the departure of apparently lost heart, let the chiefs scored 4 touchdowns and 5 free kicks, but Dezhou rookie quarterback or let the fans see hope for the future.