Bullock Wheeler Oswald

The most creative ideas: Brown and nfl jerseys wholesale Dezhou trading Brock Oswald vhailor

The deal is also very unexpected, but to come, we have to admit that this is a good deal for everyone involved in the transaction. The people of Dezhou to get rid of the NFL free market in recent years the biggest mistake, now have enough salary cap space to pursue a better quarterback — like Toni romo. Brown got his own second round pick, which can speed up the pace of reconstruction, and for 100 million of them holding a $16 million salary space, the contract is not what. For Oswald veller, regardless of the next is to stay at Brown or to be traded, he can also bid farewell to Houston’s nightmare, start again.

Mike – getting

Best signing: Chicago bears 3 years signed quarterback Mike getting 45 million

We have just finished Oswald vhailor is NFL in recent years the worst signing players, then another backup quarterback got a big contract, how good it is signed. The main reason is that getting the contract, 18 million 500 thousand security is almost always effective in the first year. That is to say, even if his play did not meet expectations, for bears this is only a mistake, by this time next year they can easily and getting termination, which is not like the people of Dezhou in the face of the 18 million Wheeler Cap space oswald. Moreover, many teams are getting a feel starting quarterback, he is only 27 years old there is room for improvement, compared with the other quarterback on the market, is not getting a bad choice.

Brian - Hoyle

Hoyle, Blaine

The most amazing attitude: San Francisco 49 people wholesale nfl jerseys china online signed quarterback Blaine Hoyer.

The 49 is also a team without a major quarterback. New coach Kell Shanahan previously served as the offensive leader red, and had worked with cousins. So 49 people have been considered to be the most popular team with the red Cousins. Recently, the management of red has been volatile, and also some dissatisfaction with the test, and even has been put forward as a team owner of the transaction. What do you mean by 49 people signing Heuer at this time? In fact, there is no meaning, 49 people will not be affected by the pursuit of Cousins. Heuer’s performance over the years also tells us that he is only suitable for a high level bench. Playing the main force, he usually only in the beginning of the season, good performance, the worse the end of the season. No one would believe that the 49 were prepared to take such people as the main force of the new season without question.