Darwin – (Dalvin Cook nike nfl jerseys), Florida

Height 180 cm, weight of 96 kg, sprint for 4.49 seconds, 40 seconds, poor performance at three points

Introduction: Cook’s university performance is very stable, three years out of thousands of yards every year, not how missed the game. Last season he served as the core of the attack, the 288 time to get the ball up to 1765 yards up to 19, of which the number of 749 yards after contact is the first of the top five league. Only the person with ability, the genius of Cook and Faure Nate in high school but be roughly the same, his injury history and discipline problems, makes him the only finished third in the rankings today.

Although the talent is almost the same as Faure Nate, but the type of Cook can be said to be contrary to the opposite of the latter, the biggest advantage is the strength of the weak is the ability to read the defense of the. The ability to read Cook’s opponent’s defense is as accurate as a scalpel, able to quickly find the front line and the two lines of the vulnerability. However, due to the relatively short physical constraints, although the strength of Cook in the same body has been good, but running the whole body is not a first-class. On the contrary, Cook pace, the ball speed is faster than the body, the acceleration is very impressive, more suitable for walking outside. However, similar to Faure Nate, the ball is also a big problem for Cook, more obvious than the Faure Nate, can be said to be the biggest weakness of the Cook. Cover and catch.

Generally speaking, Cook’s strengths are reading defense and acceleration, the weak is the cheap nfl jerseys strength and the ball. Affected by other factors (discipline, injury history), Cook’s draft prospects uncertain factors, but his talent is still worthy of the first round anyway. The value of the position itself is limited, the first half of the first half of the team will be more hesitant to run, but at the end of the playoffs team should be more optimistic about him.

The draft picks up: No. twenty-seventh, Kansas City Chiefs (Cook and Jamal – have similarities to the Charles); or twenty-ninth, Green Bay Packers

Joe mixon, University of Oklahoma

Height 185 cm, weight of 102 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.50 seconds

Brief introduction: McCaffrey as a versatile running back, 2016 season 12 games 187 times for 1274 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns, and 538 yards receiving, 519 yards back attack, three total yards and 2331 yards, averaging 194 yards for the second, second only to McCaffrey 211.55 yards. Compared to McCaffrey, Mickelson’s body quality and persistence are better able to fight, three more than McCaffrey potential to become absolute main. But he has a serious problem of the OTC (2016 out of a job that he has been a hit in 2014 caused by fracture of female face video, so he wasn’t even invited to take the test), this let Mickelson’s draft prospect than expected a lot of dark.
His biggest strengths are his speed and flexibility. As a short stature is not running back, he in this area can be very surprising, turning ability, though certainly not up to catch up, but they were also rare. Speed of same size are rare, the strength is just the opposite, his strength is relatively poor in the same figure running back, but still more than a little running back strength stronger, can dodge enough hand grapple, just got the ability to contact number “is also a lack of stability. In the defense of reading, in addition to cut to the outside line too many times, there is no other problem, in general, is good at using the cover. The ball problem needs to be improved. The ability to catch a ball is very talented in running guards.

The overall technology Mixson is not the first three running back, but his fitness is very good, but his college career than the previous three all have advantages: he red for a year, only played two seasons in the draft and announced that the two season he and teammate Jay Sama Pelen split the ball number, so he in the University match on the body of the consumption is significantly less than other people. With the same type of running guard, McCaffrey in NFL need to be restricted to play time, Mick is completely useless. So mixson potential is very high, it can china jerseys nfl eventually be selected in what position, depends entirely on the NFL of his baggage is what kind of attitude.

Forecast draft pick: No. thirty-third, Cleveland Brown, or the second round of the forty-ninth, Washington Red
In general, compared to last year’s draft only one Elliot aize Kiel – in the first round of this year’s election, running back much more good. More than four people have been selected in the first round of the possibility, Faure Nate will not fall out of the top ten, McCaffrey and also difficult to fall out of the first round of the. Apart from them, Alvin – Kamala (Tennessee), Sama Jay Pelen (Oklahoma), a Forman (Texas), Kareem Hunter (Toledo) were selected in the second or third potential. Let’s wait and see.