Following the rules of the game, the rules wholesale jerseys and resolutions are adopted by the NFL annual meeting, will be implemented.


New rules:
No additional points / free kick, jump kick defensive player hand then capping shooting behavior.
In a single game, the player accumulates two specific acts that will be sent to a permanent rule.
The rule of starting from the 25 yard line after retaining the array.
The protection of the “catcher” who is given to the outside catcher.

Prohibition of the movement of the backcourt players in the implementation of the (take over or other array players from the offensive front or side of the auxiliary stop), even when he was off the front kick off less than 2 yards.

Change the side video recorder to a handheld device, the official designated person to make the final decision after playback.
It is considered an act of not being a gentleman to try to extend the time of the game in the same attack.

The act of attempting to retain time after a two minute warning is authentic nfl jerseys china considered a foul.

New rules:

Relax the existing restrictions on the team’s ability to test the draft of the time limit (one year).
The injured reserve list / illness restricted list of players to activate the program is similar to the designated players return (designated for return) procedures.
The League will give the team a personal notice every Sunday during the training camp and preseason (Personnel Notice).

New resolutions:
Allow back contract / no contract / non football related employees under the conditions of the staff club, the season interview / switch to other clubs.
Striker Matt Cullen said after the game: “this is not a good thing, especially in the critical period of the season we can not accept such a performance. But I don’t think this is the level we should be, we need to work hard.”
In fact, the next game in the penguins to face the most important thing is not to nike nfl jerseys win, but how to make the injured list of players back to health, and then try not to let other players injured.
After all, it’s time for the season, and they know that no matter whether the team reaches the metropolitan area or not, they will face Washington and Columbus in the playoffs. They need to be played to the playoffs. To win the Stanley cup, one of the most important factors is to keep all the key players in the best condition.