What is an additional score?

(1) how to judge the dead ball and the live ball?

The following 8 cases can be judged to be dead balls.

The ball holder leads the ball out of the ball; the holder has the end of the attack (the capture or the active fall); the forward pass is not completed; the kick out of the ball or the score (additional points); the ball out of bounds after dropping the ball; the score of the ball or the shot; the open ball is obtained by the square of the ball; the kick back or the receiver chooses the safe catch.

(2) what is an additional score?

Each time a touchdown is scored, the scoring party can get an additional offensive opportunity. The score obtained in this way is called an additional score.

Under the rule of NFL, the scoring side can choose to shoot and score 1 points after success, or an extra chance of ordinary attack, and 2 points after success.

(3) after the ball is caught, does the number of yards affect the location of the attack?

After catching up, you can choose to rush ahead to get more yards (but the risk of losing the number of yards when you get caught). You can also choose to catch the ball safely before catching the ball. After catching the ball, you can’t run forward and attack from there.

(4) what is the distinction between the United States League and the National League area?

The United States and the League of Nations (NGO) do not completely divide the region according to nfl jerseys on sale their geographical factors, but are based on historical factors and many other factors.

(5) what does flag mean in a game?

When a player fouls, the referee will throw a yellow flag, usually the yellow flag is flag.

(6) how many games does a team have in a season?

There are usually 4-5 matches in pre-season, 16 in regular season and 4 in playoffs. So theoretically, a team can play 25 games in a single season.

(7) is the arrangement of the two teams in the offensive and defensive arrangements different?

Generally speaking, the offensive and defensive teams will adopt a completely different two lineup. But under special circumstances, there will also be defensive team players attacking teams, or vice versa.

(8) can the quarterback run first and pass the ball again?

Yes, but the quarterback should not run faster than the kick-off line. But passing the kick-off line is considered an football jerseys nike opportunity to give up the forward pass.