Today we continue the offseason star nfl jerseys biography series, this is for everyone to bring the Denver Broncos Star League today, the first outside linebacker, von Miller.

In March 26, 1989, Miller was born in Texas Dallas. With our previously introduced most stars, Miller is in high school football and track both. In the Desoto high school track and field team, Miller threw the javelin, jump three jump, we participated jerseys in a China fans the most familiar project — the 110 meters hurdles. In football, he was in high school on the show star potential, fourth years of high school he had 14 negative yardage holds and 6 sacks, group MVP was elected in defense league. After graduation in 2007, he was listed as the No. fifteenth freshmen in the weak side defensive end, he eventually rejected Florida mississippioklahoma and Dezhou Polytechnic University invited, chose the hometown team, Texas A&M University.

In Dezhou A & M, Miller on the team’s main rotation in the first year had 2 sacks, 4 negative number holds data that he was selected to twelve strong alliance (Big 12) the new season lineup. In the 2008 season, the new defensive system, Miller began to play the outside linebacker position, in this year, his duty is more in man rather than rush, but still got 3.5 sacks up the team. The 2009 season, he played between the defensive end and outside linebacker position, his ability to get a pass rush of that year, he got the highest 17 sacks and nfl game jerseys fourth of the country’s 21 negative yardage grapple was selected as the best team in a team. The 2010 season, although at the beginning of the season injured, Miller got 10.5 sacks and 17.5 negative yardage grapple won awarded to the national first-line health Cousteau bout award, again selected the best team in a team. The end of college career, Miller is considered to be the 2011 NFL draft number one outside the perimeter.

So Miller was eventually Denver Broncos to pick selected, this choice is the only issue, Broncos defensive system was prepared from the 3-4 switch to 4-3 formation, while Miller is considered to be the only play 3-4 linebacker, therefore the ability to integrate into the team system is a question. But he fought back with these questions. In the 2011 season, in the first show of the career of the first defense, Miller made the Oakland Raiders took over the – Ford ball. Fourth weeks in the face of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, Miller got the first two career sacks match. He finally in this year, 15 games to get 11.5 sacks and 3 times to make out the ball, in the occupation bowl. With him the defensive rookie, including Marcel Daley Maher J, Patrick Pedersen, JJ- Watt and the now has cheap nfl jerseys online become a star player, but Miller still beat the pack, won the group defensive rookie of the year award.

2012 season, Miller played a more amazing performance. Ninth weeks in the face of the Cincinnati tigers, he got his first 3 career sacks game at Andy Dalton, only two weeks later, he and Philip in San Diego lightning Rivers who finished 3 single game sack 2 times to make this performance even dropped the ball, he was the voice of MVP. Finally, Miller got 18.5 sacks broke Broncos record in this season, plus 6 times off the ball and made 1 steals. He was the second best defensive player of the season, with no suspense in the season.

After a year in the limelight, Miller’s 2013 season from the offseason started very smoothly. In July, he was found to cheat on the test, was suspended for six games after losing his appeal. The six match suspension affected the state of Miller, he in this year only in 9 games with 5 sacks. In a game for the end of the season, he suffered a cruciate ligament injury, hastily ended the difficult season.