From American bowl to London bowl NFL international competition

Starting at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, I’ll be at Tencent to explain the first golden NFL game of the season, Tennessee Titan versus San Diego Lightning, the second in London this year. Over the past few years, due to the special viewing period, the influence of London Games on Chinese fans has been increasing. On the one hand, we enjoy the fun of watching the ball on the weekends. On the other hand, we also expect the Chinese race to finally come.

Over the past thirty years, NFL has never stopped exploring globalization. But what games have NFL jerseys wholesale played outside the US? What kind of system do these competitions have? What are the twists and turns of NFL’s international expansion? Many fans are not very clear about this kind of problem. So before the competition, I wrote this popular science article to help you get a basic understanding of this.

American bowl and World Alliance: NFL’s overseas exploration

NFL the first systematic overseas competition was the American bowl, which began in 1986. The nature of the game was pre-season. The first game was played at the famous Wembley Stadium on August 3, 1986, when the then Super Bowl defending champion Chicago Bear played against the Dallas Cowboys. Wembley is the NFL’s overseas mecca, hosting the most games, the first three years of the U. S. bowl are also held in Wembley.

Until 1989, when the competition came to Japan, the Los Angeles ram and 49 San Francisco men dedicated the NFL’s Asian premiere to the Tokyo Giant Egg. It is also from this year that the U.S. bowl is no longer limited to one game a year, up to four games a year. After Japan, American bowls landed in Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, hosting more than 10 cities.

The reason why the US bowl is popular in this period is because of NFL’s global expansion strategy. In 1989, NFL was founded (World League of American Football) and officially began its first season in 1991. There were 10 teams from North America and Europe. The championship is called the world bowl. The first is still at Wembley.

NFL has made adjustments to the world rugby union, and has been suspended for two years since the end of the 1992 season. When the match resumed in 1995, only European teams took part. Since 1997, the league has been renamed the NFL European Union (NFL Europe), with London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Glasgow (the team also used Edinburgh as home), Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

From the geographical distribution of the team, it is not difficult to see that the promotion of cheap nfl jerseys in the European market in Germany and Britain is the most successful. The league’s overall average attendance was 16,000-20,000, and the 2007 finals attracted more than 48,000 spectators. The United States has been broadcast live by FOX and NFL Network. But in 2007, NFL announced that it would adopt a new international development strategy to cancel the European Union.

Similar to the development track of the NFL European Union, the US bowl was not carried out in 2005 after Japan. Because after a long pre-season match, NFL decided to formally put the regular season overseas. Since the beginning of 2005 -2007, NFL’s overseas strategy has opened a new era.