In February 6th, fifty-first super bowl, trailed by 25 points in the new nfl jerseys England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in the lead, in the final 20 minutes to tie the score, and hit the winning touchdown in overtime, completed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Brady also got career fifth Super Bowl champion, became the first person in the history of the quarterback. Today we take this opportunity to review the great occupation career Brady, look at the record specialist of what has been achieved.

First look at the regular season, Brady has just ended his career seventeenth years. In the past 17 years, he came out of the 61582 yards, in this year just beyond the hall of fame Dan – Marino, the history of the top fourth. Although Brady now has 39 years old, but they did not show the decline. After the win, though his wife Giselle Bundchen a lot of persuasion, he decided to continue to play. According to his state, beyond the first history of Manning Payton for 71940 yards and second Bret faffe 71838 yards, it is only a matter of time. The greatest threat is currently ranked third from Drew Bracey, Bracey is currently out of 66111 yards, and he was younger than Brady, now did not show signs of running downhill. But even so, we can still say that unless the power lose their Brady play, otherwise, his passing yards can reach at least second future history. Three players and the row in front of his career, at least once change over. If you look at a single team, that Brady has no suspense history jerseys china first.

Is also very similar to touchdowns rank, Brady recorded 456 touchdowns in the same history fourth, behind Manning Favre (538), (508) and Bracey (465), the difference in proportion, than some smaller passing yards, Brady can become the first history of more. However, Brady is still likely to be threatened by the latter, the six year old Brady Aaron – Rodgers has now reached a record of 297, the future is more promising than brady. But at least now, Brady occupy a large advantage.

The 432 time this season, shot only two steals, 0.5% steals rate broke the league history record. jerseys nfl for sale Steals less has been Brady’s strengths. At present, his career cut rate of 1.8%, only behind Rodgers’s 1.5%, the next few years, the record will be fierce competition for the two.

Another big strengths Brady, he is reflected in this year’s super bowl, the ability to stand up at the crucial moment. Since he has been in the regular season behind 39 in the third quarter at the end of the case, led the team in the fourth quarter to complete reversal, after Manning’s 45. The record for the fastest in the next season will be broken, of course, the only question is, considering the overall strength of the Patriots, they at the end of three day or fourth day deficit situation, really is not much. Similarly, the number of winning hit attack at the last moment, Brady currently has 50 times, just behind Manning’s 56 and Marino 51 times to break this record has also close at hand.

At present, Brady only in the regular season, he has led the team to get 183 wins. Favre and Manning tied for first in the data, is 186. That is to say as long as Brady next season led patriot to win 4 games, will break the record. In accordance with the Patriots strength now, this data is already Brady in the bag.