With the end of the first wave of free signing, more than 100 free agents have found their home.

packers27 - Eddie Lacy (27) during the first day of Green Bay Packers Training Camp at Nitschke Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. CALVIN MATTHEIS/calvin.mattheis@jrn.com

Indianapolis Pony: so far, the Colts nfl jerseys wholesale made the signing is not able to let the team back to the top of the South midland. It is clear that it will take time for the team to return to the playoffs, taking into account the fact that the quarterback Andrew – is about to enter his sixth year career and cannot return to the top level.
Kansas City Chiefs: there is not much salary space available to the Emirates, so the free agent, Robert m.. But at least the Emirates signed Logan, as far as possible to fill the gap left by the wave left.
Seattle Seahawks: Seahawks offensive attack is a long-standing problem. To this end, the team signed this year Luke – Joeckel, but the latter is not stable to play, so that the signing of some gambling mean.
Washington Red: red team in the end how much strength is weakened, it is hard to say. In the position they signed wide receiver Terrell Pryor, but lost DeShawn Jackson and Pierre – the two main garzon.

Grade: C-
Cincinnati Tiger: Tiger lost both in defence and offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, guard Kevin – Hitler, linebacker Carlos Dansby, running back Rex Burke head, defensive attack multi Marta Peko and horse goose – Hunter and a series of key players, and cornerback Adam Jones and may be suspended. So the team had to with another cornerback Kirk Bradley Patrick. People feel upset. For now, the tigers may be a new season than last season and then drop a level.

Cleveland Brown: Brown Kenny – Britt team with Pryor Terrell to fill the vacancy, but the cheap jerseys china new aid guard Kevin – teller performance will not have good than John Greco, a lot stronger, but got the contract price. The team is still in the quarterback position and no action, unless they really want to leave Brock, across the main competition in the new season.

The Green Bay Packers: the packers can halt the troops and wait in the free market, because the array of teams have no obvious loopholes. But this year is different, running back and the two cornerback position has not been reinforced in the free market does not say, guard TJ- Lang, running back Eddie RESINES, Defender Micah Hyde and Julius worked outside linebacker peipers players have to leave, let the team strength decrease. The team in previous years to rely on talent reinforcement, but this year lost so many players, I am afraid it is easy to care for cheap this and lose that in the draft.