On February 22nd at 4:57 in the morning, A single woman named nfl jerseys china wholesale was 5 in the morning go by obscene, in the Quanzhou Valley community building, a 22 year old single girl Wu Yong mobile phone at a u.s.. Not until 5:30 in the morning, go by her door sounded. As usual, Xiao Wu did not think too much, wearing pajamas, took out, can not think of who she said “can I use your toilet, urgent”. No, Xiao Wu agreed to go by, come in, ask the toilet, went straight in.
Pajamas Xiao Wu, Leng is standing in the door, the door open. I soon came out of the toilet, hesitated, did not go out, but reached the door shut, Xiao Wu began to move the hands and feet, feeling Wu face, kiss. Xiao Wu was surprised, too late to avoid, shouting “help”.


The takeaway immediately hand over his brother Xiao Wu’s mouth, she motioned don’t shout, nfl jerseys wholesale and trying to reach the depths of Xiao Wu pajamas. Xiao Wu hurried off, loudly said: “my boyfriend will come, has been in the elevator.” Go by one, hesitated for two seconds, open the door, flash.

Then, the alarm still suffering from the shock Xiao Wu immediately. At 5:40, the police received a report of the East China Sea to the police station, according to Xiao Wu provided U.S. telephone contact, molesting Xiao Wu man. When the man heard the summons, he immediately admitted the fact that he was “pretty” and there was no one else in the room”.

According to the East China Sea police station, the victim Xiao Wu, 22 years old. Take away staff surnamed Zhou, 22 years old Custom NFL Jerseys, Sichuan people. Zhou has been in administrative detention, a single girl because of burglary, will face 7 days of administrative detention.

Zhang Yanyan had starred in TV series “martial arts” 77 scholars “Zhu” in a corner of popular entertainment, recently, because the show “Nirvana in Fire” princess, “if love” loo brother make snail career strive for further improvement. According to reports, Zhang Yanyan is a worthy of the name star two generation, who is the cheap nfl jerseys online famous actor Zhang Guomin, grandfather was also the first director China. Although the origin of performing arts family, but his father Zhang Guomin does not support Zhang Yanyan continue to go their own way.

Yesterday, Mr. Zhang is responsible for the sea the reporter contacted the U.S. group and group public relations staff responsible for Quanzhou, Jinjiang and Shishi distribution. Mr. Zhang explained, called meals, usually by U.S. full-time staff room room, there is a store to hire staff room room. The point is for girls which restaurant meal, delivery staff is hired or stores beauty group full-time delivery member they have started an internal investigation, is still under investigation.