The Mexico bowl was cancelled because of the site.

NFL officials announced on Tuesday that due to poor lawn conditions at Aztec Stadium, the Kansas Chiefs’Monday night game against the Los Angeles Rams in Mexico City next week will move back to Los Angeles. This means that the original “Mexico bowl” will not be held.

Earlier on Tuesday, ESPN correspondent Adam Schaft reported that if the NFL insisted on hosting the game in Mexico City, many players would think strongly about their health and not participating in the game. “This is unfair to our health.” An anonymous player and Sheff complained.

The lawn of Aztec Stadium was in a mess because of soccer matches and concerts. When Rams security guard John Johnson saw the lawn on the spot, he made an incredible tweet.

The sheikh-ram clash has attracted much attention since a few weeks ago. At present, both teams are 9-1 and are the leaders of their respective leagues. The Rams also updated ticket information for Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and NFL officials will handle refunds in Mexico City nfl jerseys online in the next few days. It is reported that the Rams will provide thousands of free tickets to emergency workers and people recently affected by the tragedy in Southern California.

The decision to withdraw from Mexico City was made by the NFL in consultation with the players’unions, experts in the field, local clubs and independent experts, the official statement said. They believe that the conditions on the Aztec stadium are not in line with the standards for the NFL competition. “We and our partners have been working for several months to hold this game at Aztec Stadium,” said Mark Waller, executive vice president of NFL International. “Until recently, we didn’t pay close attention to it, so that the rainy season and the frequent use of the stadium in recent years led to turf damage. Serious damage. This has brought unnecessary risks to the health and safety of players. Now it is not suitable to hold a football match here, so we made the decision to move. This decision is correct and we need to announce it as soon as possible so that teams and fans can make arrangements as early as possible. ”

In fact, officials at the Aztec Stadium have begun to change the poor lawn conditions on the stadium, but with little success; due to the double destruction of soccer and concerts, the conditions on the lawn are very bad. Although they started installing turf at Aztec Stadium on Monday, after inspecting the stadium on Tuesday afternoon, the NFL jerseys onsale still felt that the conditions on the spot were not enough to hold the night race next Monday.

The move by the NFL not only allowed teams and fans who had arrived in Mexico City to return to the United States for a long time, but also forced media teams waiting in Mexico City to return to the West Coast, such as ESPN. “We understand the league’s decision,” they said in a statement as broadcasters of Monday night’s game. “We have adjusted our plans and are ready to present this Rugby feast on Monday. At the same time, we will continue to work with the League to maintain a good cooperative relationship with Mexico. “.”

It is reported that the Los Angeles Rams will return to Los Angeles on Saturday after selling their jerseys in Mexico, and return to their most familiar stage to meet the peak of this season’s NFL duel. Who is the real “leader”? Next Monday night’s game will tell you the answer.