The last time the mall upgraded a wave of new products, it was unexpected that everyone was too enthusiastic about the new products, and in a very short time the new products were robbed. With the approaching of Double Eleven, in order to let you feel our warmth again, before Double Eleven, “Every Day NFL” will be on the shelves of a large number of goods for you to snap up. In addition, in double eleven, the mall will also carry out mysterious activities!

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On Double Eleventh Day, we will also carry out the second killing carnival. There will be a big wave of merchandise coming in. On Double Eleventh Day, you can enter the “NFL Every Day” mall. There is only one item for each activity. Surprise price, please don’t miss it! uuuuuuuu

NFL genuine wool cap: crow duck tongue cap, Raider knitted cap, Panther knitted cap, Sea Hawk knitted cap, NFL official flat-brimmed cap.

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Boarding time: 20 o’clock November 6, 2018

Contents: 950 packers, flat knitted caps, Dezhou knitted caps and rams knitted caps.

More products, in the “NFL every day” mall.