Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) prepares to throw a touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill while under pressure from New England Patriots cornerback Eric Rowe (25) during the second half of an NFL football game, Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, in Foxborough, Mass.

The defending champion was reversed and the Sheikh was defeated

Hunter racing moments

The 2017 NFL season opener in Massachusetts, Gillette stadium. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the defending champion, new England patriots, with a 42-27 win to make the season a good start. It’s the first time the defending champion has lost the opener since the 2012 season. Chief quarterback Alex – Smith played the best performance in life, 35 pass 28 to get 368 yards, 4 reach 0 copies.

Game Focus

In Tom with star quarterback Brady duel, Smith had the last laugh. Not only did he do well, rookie, Kareem, and Hunter even took the 246 and 3. NFL was one of the best in history, none of them. Another attack chief big kill tailike – Hill, in the back injury had 7 receptions for 133 yards and 1 touchdowns. The audience is the chief patriots offensive group got 537 yards, coach Bill Bailey is a charge of 18 years, the worst performance in defense.

Competition process

By convention, the opener is a chance for the defending champion to celebrate on his own court. In the championship after the first cheap game jerseys in front of their own fans, the new darling of the Patriots opening, Brady led 9 offensive forward 73 yards, and finally by the new aid running back Mike Gillies Lee in front of 2 yards touchdown completion. After scoring extra points, the Patriots made 7-0 lead.

The offensive team brave, defense patriots are not resigned to playing second fiddle. In the first group the next offensive chiefs, the Patriots safety Jordan Richards made Wegent the chief’s rookie running off the ball, and picked up by another security guard Dwayne Maikaodi. The Patriot recaptured the ball 32 yards ahead of the chief’s gate.

The opening game was a big surprise! The defending champion was reversed and the Sheikh was defeated

Lattice array Lunda disallowed

So Brady led the group of patriots offensive back in the game, but this time Brady came to the region in the near end “Star Feng Gelon” rob Gelon ’20 yard touchdown pass in the replay after the penalty missed the ball and invalid array. In the last 4 sets of 1 yards, Gigi Lee’s ball failed to reach the 1 yard, and the Patriots ended the four set defeat.

Leave the Patriots don’t have much time, the next attack, Brady two consecutive passes without fruit, had to punt again. However, the defense team weakens again by Hunter and Kendrick West check were to get a 58 yard and 21 yards, only two stalls on Emirates 79 yards touchdown, the game was 42-27.

In the last group fighting for the attack, although the Emirates star safety Eric Berri and star cornerback Marcus Peters have been broken, the Patriots offense or no way, in the front of Brady was sacked almost out of safety. The Gillette stadium was absolutely empty. Then the chief succeeded in consuming the rest of the time, and the game ended. Kansas City Chiefs nfl jerseys authentic made a big start to the season with a score of 42-27.

data statistics

Chief this side, Smith 368 yards 4, reach 0, 70% hit, hit rate of 80%, his career in the shot to 35 games, the hit rate is only once. Although Hunter began to drop the ball, but the whole court 17 times the ball, 148 yards, 1 reach, 5 times catch 98 yards, 2 touchdown, creating history. Hill gets 133 yards for the 7 catch, maybe more if it’s not hurt.

The Patriot side, 36 and 16 in the 267 yard Brady 0 touchdowns 0 steals, hit rate close to the lowest point of career. Gillis Lee took the ball for the 15 time, 45 yards, 3 reach, and Dora got 100 yards for the 6 catch. His injury in the third quarter also brought a lot of impact to the team’s attack.