The patriot’s original China show shows Brady to take you into NFL.



New England Patriots has launched their first original Chinese TV show, the Brady China Show, featuring the legend of the National Football League and Tom Brady jerseys of the New England Patriots. New England Patriots have since become the first North American sports club to launch original video series specifically for China.

The first episode of the Brady China Show was broadcast exclusively on the official microblog and Wechat of New England patriots, and then on Tencent’s official sports website. On September 24, the highlight of the first episode of the program was broadcast in the prime time of Tencent’s live patriot-lion competition.

This kind of original video program is the first in China. During the 2018 NFL season, eight episodes will be broadcast within a few weeks. It also enhances the interaction between patriots and Chinese NFL fans, provides quality content for Chinese NFL fans and encourages the growth of a new generation of young players.

Each episode of the show includes a preview and retrospective of the game, a special edition of the Patriot Legend and stories of local fans.

The Brady China show will continue to broadcast in December this year. As the main character of the show, Tom Brady will shoot a 15-minute video for Chinese fans every month. Each episode consists of four to five sessions, including Tom Brady interviewing teammates, introducing personal sports fitness brand TB12 and fitness training methods, and answering questions from Chinese fans.

The new England patriots jerseys see China as an important market for the expansion of the club’s international business. China is the first goal of their international expansion, before Brazil, Mexico and Germany.

Richard Young, general manager of NFL China, said: “This initiative highlights the vision of the Patriot Club. Creating a series of customized videos each week for their growing Chinese fan base further demonstrates the extraordinary efforts they have made for their fans.

Fred Kirsch, publisher and vice president of content at the New England Patriots Club, said: “China is an important market for New England patriots. In China, we have more and more loyal fans who show increasing enthusiasm for the team. We hope to repay their support by providing them with exclusive quality content and close interviews with star players. Based on this, patriots in China jerseys can gain a stronger foothold, but also for the development of individual players to provide more opportunities.