Two former NFL players jerseys win seats in the house of Representatives

In the US mid-term elections, two former NFL players won seats in the US House of Representatives.

The former Anthony Gonzalez has won a seat in Ohio’s sixteenth constituency. The Republican representative won more than 56% votes, better than the Susan Moran Palmer.

Gonzalez was the No. 32 Show of the pony in 2007. He played five seasons in the NFL jerseys cheap, catching 99 times and pushing 1307 yards forward. But in the last three seasons, injuries greatly limited his playing time, during which he played only 11 games and completed five catches.

The former Titan Lineguard ran as a Democratic candidate, winning the Republican Senate with more than 52% of the votes.

O’Reed lost the draft in 2006. He played for Titan from 2007 to 2010. He played 32 games in total. He started two of them and finished 46 captures.