NFL preseason first settled in Hawaii

Sunny beach and fat breast, Hawaii is a dream resort for many NFL players. The NFL preseason jerseys has decided to arrange a pre-season in Hawaii in the 2019 season, the first time in more than 40 years that the league has arranged a pre-season in Hawaii.

The Los Angeles Rams are very interested in going to Hawaii to play. It is known that the Rams will be one of the teams participating in the Hawaiian Bowl next season. The pre-season is scheduled to be held at the Honolulu (Honolulu) Aroha Stadium in the Hawaiian Islands, where a NFL match is held and the Professional Bowl All-Star Game is held in January 2016. Although Hawaii is no stranger to the NFL, where professional bowls are often held, the last pre-season tournament held on this land was in 1976, 42 years after San Francisco 49 beat the Lightning Team 17-16 in the pre-season.

If you want to know why the Rams are willing to take a six-hour flight to a strange place to play in the preseason, it’s probably because they want to turn Hawaiian residents into Ram fans. According to Jamie Ricker, executive vice president of Rams Business Operations, the Rams also want to provide their fans in Los Angeles with unique away-court opportunities.

“We are delighted to work with the Hawaiian Tourist Authority to provide Ram fans with this unique opportunity to follow the team in Los Angeles Rams jerseys and Hawaii,” Riker said in a statement. We look forward to bringing NFL back to Hawaii and holding its first pre-season competition in more than 40 years.

Another thing the League hasn’t announced is who the Ram’s opponent is, so if you want your favorite team to play in Hawaii, you should write a letter to the NFL. The exact date of the match has yet to be determined, but it must be one day in August next year.

With the addition of Hawaii, the Rams have become the global pass of the NFL, and fans have to endure the unstable watching time. nfl jerseys wholesale In addition to next year’s Hawaii tournament, the Rams will host the Mexican Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City in the 11th week of the season, next week. They played in London in 2016 and 2017 and will play in another international regular season in 2019.