All star skills challenge big show skills

In 2018 NFL occupation today at the Orlando bowl officially kicked off compared with the NBA all star, a wonderful part of the bowl is more of the NFL Occupation Skills Challenge, here we can see a lot of wonderful and interesting projects confrontation, together now look at today’s NFL occupation bowl skill challenge in what happened:

Quarterback pass challenge

American League star team sent the Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Arrakis Smith, the League of nations is the Losangeles rams quarterback Jared GF and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell wilson.

Obstacle relay race

This is a skill challenge is more like we have seen a lot of variety of interesting games, a team of four players were sent to complete parachute sprints, picking up the ball run, push sandbags sprint, cross-country and 40 level obstacles you sprint these four projects, United star team sent a Jaguar cornerback Jielun Ramsey, linebacker CJ- Mosley, crow tiger rushed from hand keno Atkins, Mustang linebacker von meter and chiefs running back Kareem Hunter; National League star team is sending Redskins Ryan Cory Kennedy, cardinals cornerback Patrick Pitt Watson, packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels, based on Alec Sander and running back Alvin Kamala played. The final National League star team 50 seconds to complete the 5 challenge for the League of nations, a draw.

Kicker challenge

This is a wonderful country, sent the Panthers kicker Cano, and Midland is sending Steelers kicker Bosch, played. This game is the game ball box is divided into 9 grids, require two kicker in the 45 yards to 25 yards have played to decide the final win, panthers kicker Cano easily won the game.

Evade the ball game jerseys

This game is more like the chicken game we know well, avoids the opponent’s ball and tries to hit the opponent with the ball in hand. At this time, though the League star team nfl jerseys cheap is leading by a big margin, but the dodge ball is worth 3 points, so the United States can kill the League of Nations. The two teams of stars came up and grabbed the ball in a mess. Originally, the League of nations star can win this game, Jarvis Landry at Cory Kennedy’s ball was catch, but his ball Cory Gan fell out of arms, so the judge announced that the ball is invalid, it also gives us the opportunity to win the last time United, Landry 1 people face to the League of Nations two people the attack, first hit Mike Daniels sent out the opponent, then succeeded caught kicker to throw a ball ganor completed lore, helping United star team won the match team championship bowl occupation skill, and Landry’s second consecutive years become the focus of the occupation skill contest bowl.