NFL is going through the quarterback.

NFL’s new season has seen a surge in its ratings and rebounded strongly from the relative downturn last year. In addition to the bad political environment that has pushed some viewers into the entertainment industry, the NFL’s biggest surprise is that quarterbacks are in full bloom. It is no exaggeration to say that today’s NFL is going through a decades of quarterback quarterback.

The 41 year old patriot quarterback Tom Brady took the lead, separated from the two or three year old pig who broke the quarterback pass code *, and then had a large number of mainstays in two or three years old, such as Big Ben, big river, Green Bay dragon brother and so on. Falcon quarterback Iceman Ryan, Crow quarterback Flaco, Lion Stafford, Black Panther Newton, Seahawk Wilson, Pony’s Lack, and in succession and nearly two or three years to join the league’s Titan Mariota, Viking Winston, Ram Golf, Eagle Wintz, is almost a line. It can be said that the strength of the experience of good value quarterback, in all ages in an orderly spread, so that the NFL team in the main quarterback this most strategic position in the competition on the average.

Before the start of the regular season this year, the starting quarterbacks of several teams were barely able to find strange names, not to mention the level, which were hard currency for tickets and personal brands. The quarterbacks picked up in this year’s draft, including Brown’s Mayfield, Darnaud on the small plane, Bill’s Allen and Rosen on the Cardinals, are all getting the starting qualification and showing considerable potential. Even fans who hate these new quarterbacks for all sorts of reasons are willing to stand in front of the television and see how they screw up the offense. Whoever the fans love and who the blacks are, the NFL League and the broadcasters win if you watch it. They charge advertisers for the number of people they watch. At this point, belly black and belly honey are equally important.

So this year’s NFL quarterback boom is arguably the result of years of interaction between the draft system and the cheap jerseys wholesale iron cap. In 2018, such a node, reached or approached perfection, helped the team, molded the fans.

A direct sign of the rise in quarterback level is the rise in team scores, the game played better, fans shouted. By the sixth round, the highest scoring team in the League was the Saints, who averaged 36 points a game, 8.1 points more than last year’s 27.9 points. The second-place Chiefs, thanks to the divine performance of second-year quarterback Mahone, scored 35.8 points per game, up from 25.6 last year. This is the improvement of nearly two touchdown points. NFL has rarely been seen in the past decade. The Chicago Bear, ranked 10th in scoring, jumped from 16.5 to 27.8 per game, which was unthinkable in the past. Buffalo Bill, the bottom scorer, dropped from 17.9 to 12.7 on average, not too ugly compared with the top scoring jumpers.

Of course, the regular season only played more than 1/3, and did not rule out the possibility of repetition in scoring. And the quarterback seems to be on the rise. The dolphins lost their first start, Tennessee, and Rogers in Green Bay looked limp, wondering if he could handle the pressure of the schedule.

At the same time, we have reason to be optimistic about the last two-thirds of the season, because the NFL’s efforts to strengthen the protection of quarterbacks have begun to bear fruit. For NFL ratings, the biggest enemy is the quarterback’s injuries, and NFL Alliance headquarters has every reason to try to protect the nfl quarterback jerseys from injury or less injury.

One of the moves is the strict ban on quarterback quarterback this season. The more tragic example here is Green Bay defender Matthews, who was blown away for two or three weeks and lost a large number of yards. The old tough men bombarded the Union’s wonderful regulations, which reduced the antagonism of football and violated their original intentions. The League looked at the happy 41:38 scores on the scoreboard, emphasizing not only the continuation of the policy, but also the intensification of its costs.

Now NFL, college football tactics have infiltrated almost every team. The Super Bowl champions are fighting, the rams are fighting, the cowboys are fighting, Houston is fighting, even Chicago is playing. Tom Brady, without having to call a pause, was able to move a wave of high-frequency hits at any time. The defenders were uncomfortable and didn’t know how to lay them out.

To sum up, the overall level of quarterbacks has improved, the league’s over-protection of quarterbacks, and the penetration of college football tactics into the NFL have led to the first six rounds of regular season scoring battles. As long as these three conditions have not changed significantly. This season’s NFL regular season is likely to continue to showcase the excitement of offensive football in the remaining 10 rounds.