Why are the Raiders so high? nfl jerseys china Because it is healthy, can thrive…… Derek – Carle ‘s injury to the fibula is getting better (my colleague David [David Carr] told me that Derek has been able to do the standard push ups, and borrowed David’ s swing to do exercises). Well, we know the Raiders are back. Because the other teams are more or less in the offseason the loss of key personnel, Oakland has been in the forefront. I naturally know that Menelik – Watson has gone, Weiss – Murray (Latavius) is also likely to leave, but the two people in the 2017 plan is not important in the of the! Last season, Oakland is suddenly injured Carle ruined sixteenth weeks. Andre Washington (DeAndre) and – Richard (Jalen), the performance is very satisfactory, but most of the time the draft pick to pick a running guard. Plus this rich salary cap space…… To wave (Dontari Poe) – Don Terry is not impossible.

John – Lynch (John Lynch) in the first offseason as the general manager of San Francisco’s 49 people continue to introduce players.

49 out of the sixth round of the 186th picks, the Baltimore crow Center (Jeremy Zuttah) Jeremy juita and sixth 198th round picks.
Juita in 3 seasons as a crow played played and started 41 games before the cheap jerseys regular season, he spent 6 seasons in the Tampa Bay buccaneers. He was selected as a substitute in the last season.

Fifth giants

If the D.J. (D.J. Fluker) fluke transactions work, the big blue giant may be one of the most powerful team is the League of nations, the line to get into the playoff team. Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) is also worth looking forward to coming. Rashard – Jennings (Rashad Jannings) after the dismissal, cheap jerseys Paul Perkins, the burden is even heavier. But last season allowed second less defensive group, poised to pass, giant in the country east to nobody. Ah, of course, it’s better not to die.

The sixth packers

Head nut general manager Ted Thompson (Ted Thompson) will be sidelined and other troop movements [Tang contract – Barclays (Don Barclay)], the package fans are going to slobber he drowned. See ah, meet Pembers (Julius Peppers) go, Mika Hyde (Micah Hyde) go. What’s Thompson doing??? The signing of matru Lawrence Bennet! A move to the masses in an uproar, and urinary Thompson usually do not like ah, but before he told Charles – Wu Andersson (Charles Woodson) and Pembers also made similar moves. From Bennet, a tight end last season in Tom Brady’s ball, this season is to pick Aaron Rodgers’s ball…… Life is too good.