In the next 2011 seasons, but also nfl Brown began to take cheap jerseys off the season, the whole season with the increase in the involvement of the attack, received a total of 1108 yards and the size of the array, so that people began to feel that the next star is to take over Brown. At the same time, when the season 1062 yard punt return and kickoff the attack code number also let Brown become a thousand first single season to catch and return yardage and players in league history. So Brown had to punt returner’s identity, career for the first time in the NFL occupation bowl.

Outstanding performance in the first two seasons have decided in before the start of the 2012 season the Steelers and Brown directly continued under the 42 million contract, to retain the next big pick. When the season the Steelers external group is bright stars, Brown, 3 Wallace and Saunders’s group competition is quite intense, the ball 787 yards for the entire season while regressed but 5 touchdowns. When the team’s overall poor record, eventually missed the playoffs.

After spending a regrettable 2012 season, Brown finally began to usher in the outbreak of the 2013 season, completely transformed into a League top receiver: 2013 season 1499 yards receiving 8 touchdowns, 2014 season, 1698 yards and 13 touchdowns, season 2015 1834 yards for 10 touchdowns, let him become the union the history of the first two cheap jerseys nfl consecutive season to get 1700 yards or more players. In the past 2016 seasons, Brown over 1284 yards and 12 touchdowns, 4 consecutive season receiving yards on 1000. Brown is the start of the 2013 season of the most receiving yards in the NFL player. Over the years, Brown ran the ball in different route tactical execution ability, let the world have obvious to people.

The fun is probably the nature of Brown, at any time to see his smile. Brown is also a social media applications crazy fans, nfl jerseys china constantly updating their social accounts. Of course, this playful nature to bring their own trouble, like the playoffs in the locker room live door “incident. Brown, however, was able to realize his mistake. As Pittsburgh Steelers renowned “trident attack”, presumably Steelers fans want to see Brown in 2017 before the start of the season. Long, really do what he said in Pittsburgh.