The eagle is the number one, and the patriot is next

After eleventh weeks of the regular season NFL game, Philadelphia Eagles still topped the table; Pittsburgh Steelers Titans bloodbath reached the top three strong dialogue; the Vikings beat rams in the top five; Cleveland Brown nine consecutive winless Kansas City Chiefs at the bottom; upset loss to the giants fell out of the top ten list for the first time, ranking a new phase of the strength of the team is what? Let’s have a look!

The first: Philadelphia Hawks

The off-season has just started, the Philadelphia hawks jerseys cheap vice president Howard Rosman told the media that “the eagles in the 2017 season is still unable to compete with other competitors have the same district competitiveness.” Now back to this sentence, all over the body, every pore is shouting “spit me.”! Vomit me! Just spit me out!” This season the Philadelphia hawks averaged 32 points in the league, 34 touchdowns alliance first, 45.7% third conversion success rate of the league, with a touchdown rate, union red zone the best of the best anti run and the best red ball, so this is a new data the stronger the sky.

Second: new England Patriots jersey

Remember when patriots started 2-2, did they lose 32 points per game? Now the defense team has achieved a stage victory, back to the state, lost 12.5 points in the field, nearly 6 rounds of opponents scored all under 17 points, the team ushered in 6 victories. People meat streaky three layers of various grades and ranks. Tom Brady is a kind of ability to attract audience attention, as long as he play will become the most dazzling player, 40 year old man was 3146 yards in 10 games (League), came 22 touchdowns were only 2 steals, passing score as high as 110.9, so the fight of the season to run with 5000 yards to go. The patriot who returned to the summit can now breathe a sigh of relief: “I feel that everything is back.”.

Third: Pittsburgh Steelers nfl jerseys

Imperceptibly Pittsburgh Steelers and new England patriots are united to form the bipolar pattern, racing together bridle to bridle. The Steelers and Titans battle can be used to describe the homing, Ben Lo Driss Berg, Baer and Antonio leviant – – Brown is always the three brightest stars in Pittsburgh, plus the rookie Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schuster, now the Steelers have formed four carriages. The 5 game winning streak, the Steelers defense group limited the match score below 17 points, averaging 16.5 points this season league lost second low. Can attack and defend, can compose and perform military exercises, the Steelers no dare to challenge the patriot.