NFL is about to celebrate its 100th birthday and issue a new logo to warm up for the celebration.

Beijing time October 19th, NFL officially announced that the alliance will celebrate the 100th anniversary birthday of NFL in the 2019 season. Today, the League unveiled a new logo for the NFL 100 and plans a year-long celebration around the NFL 100 between fans, players and communities.

It is reported that the League intends to create an unprecedented celebration for millions of rugby-loving fans through games, online and offline events and television programmes, highlighting the Centennial process of the NFL and its positive impact on the community, bringing together fans of the past, present and future and looking forward to the next 100 years. Over the next few months, NFL and local organizations will launch the NFL 100 campaign, and fans will be able to participate in the celebration and their stories will be shared.

A special “NFL 100” sign appeared on the stadium’s big screen during the break of Thursday night’s Arizona Cardinals home game against the Denver Mustang, and NFL official jerseys Twitter released a 33-second “NFL 100” Promo at the same time. In the days to come, NFL 100 logos and promotional footage will continue to appear in front of fans, whether it’s on the court, stadiums, game broadcasts, NFL videos, NFL network programs, or television and social media platforms.

In addition, the NFL 100 logo will also be printed in the game ball and player’s neck area of the jersey. NFL business partners and sponsors will also use this logo in some of the activities listed.

“For 100 years, the NFL has been an integral part of the United States. It has united the community and made fans a family to support their favorite teams or players.” “We have the best fans in the world, and it means a lot to us, and next year we’ll celebrate it with the fans,” said NFL President Roger Goodall.

The NFL 100 will be officially unveiled at next year’s 53rd Super Bowl in Atlanta and will be widely used during the off-season, such as next year’s Nashville draft and the Canton Hall Awards. The celebrations will be warmed up from the September 2009 preseason and run through the 2009-2020 season, culminating in the 54th Super Bowl in Miami.

The celebrations include:

On the weekend of each team’s locality, University football, fans and NFL matches are combined to review the past, celebrate the present and look ahead with players and coaches.

Former NFL players, managers, coaches, cheap NFL jerseys historians and the media form the most authoritative first-class selection team to select the greatest teams in NFL history and the 10 greatest coaches, these great people or teams will be recorded in history next year along with other historical achievements.

NFL media, including NFL Network and NFL Films, will launch a large number of original programs and content about NFL 100, joining together platforms to celebrate the 100th anniversary of NFL.