Which teams will win?

The NFL playoffs are on the second round. Which teams will win? This time we invited seven experts to listen to their views

Atlanta falcons vs Philadelphia Hawk

Perhaps the future of the year, people will discuss if the 2017 season will not hurt Wentz hawks win, but the real world is so cruel, the League of nations in the first Eagle division series case of sixth and the state is not a state fiery falcon, Las Vegas handicap without mercy. The hawk became the first in the history of the division of the regular season. Although the defense is still tough, but Nick Fuchs is not Carlson Wentz, if the attack is not on the pitch consumption time, the defense they will show in the last moments of weakness. Of course, it also said that the Falcon is not so much a scene of the ram not dominant, so I expect the last Falcon lane and Julio Jones on the fourth day after the connection.

The new England patriot VS Tennessee Titan

Ah, it seems like nothing to say. From the beginning of the 2001 season, the Raiders, snow fox fort has been a nightmare for the league teams, and also across the Brady and Biliqieke (aside from the conflicts within the team make groundless accusations about), rely on luck to win the Titans and Mario Kobita, with the old lack of playoff experience, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks patriot, is likely to be a massacre.

Pittsburgh Steelers VS Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys nfl

I personally think the ruling defense in the super bowl can be divided into epic, ruling and doughty levels, with a decline in degree. The Jaguar defense is epic, the defense can be called epic 85 bears, 00, 02, 06 pirates crow bear this level. The epic defense was able to drag a rotten attack group and a bad quarterback into a super bowl (00 crows and 06 Gou Xiong). The ruling class can defend with a game manager (game manager) into the quarterback of the super bowl, such as 15 Mustang (EPIC defense inside the 85 bears 02 pirates Mcmahon and Brad Johnson are considered the game manager quarterback, but their defense is epic.). Strong level of defense requires a vigorously miracle type quarterback in the key game Six Meridian Swords angry, once the field number angry enough to a super bowl, such as the 07 and 11 season of the 12 season of the giant crow.

To say so much, I would like to say that Jaguar’s defense is really epic, and I don’t believe you ask you to ask a single field to be copied 5 times. Perhaps Ramsey and Boyer’s 2 close – door Kangle and the deep area of this alternative Cover 3 defense are really the best solution to Antonio Brown.

But there are exceptions to the above formula, the jet 10-11 season with second levels namely rule level defense, this season they each attack just 1.2 points points. Their quarterback is Mark Sanchez, who hasn’t butted his head yet. It’s basically a rising star. At that time, it was also a good match manager quarterback. In the playoffs, the jets darling, first out of Manning’s pony, and then destroy the Brady patriots in the super bowl to see they have lost in the Federation finals. To overcome this formula is Pittsburgh Steelers – which also makes me very tangled should choose who wins.

Considering the snowy weather, the Jaguar had a bad attack, and I felt I chose the Jaguar to go out.

Minnesota Viking people VS New Orleans Saints jersey

The saints may be the most complete team in the playoffs jerseys china, the full attack, the run, and the elite quarterback. On the contrary, the Vikings, by the 3 quarterback to the National League of second, also explained the strength of the team’s defensive team. If this is the sword of the shield showdown, it may end up close, but the Vikings offensive weapon group is not bad, Keenan, Digges and Rudolf have hilen ball group bonus, quarterback score as high as 98.3, three is not a substitute. A few years ago, the Ohio state third quarterback took the lead, perhaps the NFL precedent was the Viking.

Forecast: victories of the Vikings, win 1-2 array.