The best player came out today in seventh weeks. Who are the best players to be selected? Let’s have a look:

NFC offensive player: Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia hawks feel incredibly happy for their own performance at the 2016 draft convention. The former in the show Bangyan career second years show a strong strength, he led the Philadelphia hawks 6 wins and 1 negative results, led the Hawks temporarily boarded the top spot in the NFL this season. The eagle in Philadelphia against the Washington Redskins game, Carson Wenz scored the ball 268 yards and 4 touchdowns, and 63 yards rushing. Almost single handedly defeated the Redskins, and with his strong ability to move repeatedly play defensive group rivals, is fully deserve this week in the NFC offensive player.

Best attacking player of the United States: Cooper

The number one outside the Oakland Raiders over Amari Cooper became the offensive player of the week, after the season opening stage of the trough, the two session of the bowl and finally took over the occupation show the league’s top strength external, in the Oakland Raiders win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, Cooper completed a total of 11 receptions with 210 yards and 2 touchdowns, know in Cooper before the game was struggling, six games only scored 146 yards and 1 touchdowns.

Best defensive player of the League: Eddie Jackson jerseys

The Chicago bears rookie safety become the best defensive player of the League of nations week. In the game against the Panthers bears, Eddie Jackson – the first section of the game back a lost ball and completed a 75 yard long touchdown return, and then in the second section, has completed a 76 yard interception return touchdown, he made the team jerseys 17 points in 12 minutes and, using his excellent defense will limit the Panther’s score of three points. And Jackson has become the first player in the history of the League to rely on defense to complete 2 times 75 yards above the array of players.

Best defensive player of the United States: Kevin Baird

Kevin – Baird from the Tennessee Titans became the biggest hero in the Titans’ victory over Brown. In the match, Kevin – Baird completed 3 full cuts and one man killed the game.