Brady’s Avatar destroys people

What is the difference between the most powerful heroes on earth and the quarterback of NFL? In fact, the gap is not very big. As the Avengers Alliance: the Infinite War was shown on the Chinese mainland, some interesting characters appeared when the NFL’s quarterback was compared to the superhero of the world. For example, Watson is very similar to the king of the kingdom of Wakanda, and the story of Jimmy Gallo Poirot’s cock wire counterattack is very like the captain of the United States. So who is the leader in the complex 3? Let’s take a look.

Jamis Winston Baku

Tampa Bay pirates black and hard four point guard Jemes – Winston is like the Baku, and Ma Baku is the top two warrior of valmadadas, second only to the black leopard terara, although he and the Panther are the dead enemy, but when meeting the common enemy, Baku and the Black Panther are the same. Last season, Winston suffered a lot of injuries, like Sam Baku, and the first battle of the sage rookie, Wei Ma Sean – rati Moore, was withered. Winston is just like what he plays in the role of man Wei. When the federation needs him, he can also put down his hatred and become a powerful force that can not be ignored.

Josh – Rosen Shu Rui

As the successor of Carson Palmer, Josh Rosen is not afraid to say his true ideas, but compared to his own amazing voice, Rosen also speaks with talent and strength, his pocket pass is very accurate, the grasp of the aircraft is fine, frank and free and easy is born. Shrui is the new man in the world, like Rosen, a newcomer to the league.

De Watson – Black Panther

The Panther’s home is hidden in the most mysterious in the world, and the Dezhou people in Houston, nfl jerseys online Dehn Watson, have been in poor condition in the past few years and have lived in the shadow of the Dezhou team of Dallas cowboys. But Watson in Dezhou, like the black panther in Wakanda, if there are no two new kings to lead the team will lose the way forward. Last season, Watson’s excellent foot mobility and precision pass is a stunning League, and if Watson remains healthy, the Dezhou people will have their superheroes.

Ben Rhodes, Rees and Berg destroyer

Over the years, Ben has been pursuing his other champion trophy, just like Drake has been longing for revenge. Look at the stout muscles of dracsna, the sharp scar on the right eye, the sharp eyes and a pinch of sexy beard in the chin, and the 2 meters and 13 big men, the serious expression and the bully weapon, two people are not very similar.

Tom Brady

Bully is the biggest villain in the Avengers alliance, and the only one in the league is a new England patriot Tom Brady jerseys onsale. The tyrant knows all the superhuman philosophy of the eternal family, and the spirit is almost incomparable, which makes him immune to most of the mental attacks, and even though the fifty-first Super Bowl falls behind 25 points, Brady has made a great reversal. Is it really so evil? In fact, all he did was to win the heart of the goddess of death. The almost paranoid pursuit of infinite jewels was as fanatical as Brady’s desire for the super bowl ring, and then to see the eyes of the two people.