NFL announces cooperation with the fortress night. The team’s Jersey and skin are in the game.

What kind of experience will it bring to the fans and gamers if the exciting NFL match is merged with the famous game Fortress Night, which is popular all over the world? On Monday, American time, NFL announced a partnership with Epic Games, a well-known gaming company. The partnership will launch the exclusive skin of NFL based on the shirts and equipment styles of 32 teams in the league in Fortress Night, which is the first time that Fortress Night has cooperated with sports leagues in this regard.

Players can use their favorite team’s skin in the game’s chicken-eating mode and customize their jersey number according to their preferences. Besides jersey, players can also purchase NFL referee’s skin and various game equipment with NFL elements. Not only that, players with NFL skin can also unlock exclusive dancing. In the NFL skin trailer released recently by Fortress Night, a group of players wearing NFL jerseys are dancing all kinds of dances on the rugby court, which looks very strange. Regarding this cooperation, Rachel Hoagland, vice president of NFL and director of video games, said it was a win-win decision and fans and fans will experience different pleasures.

“It will bring a lot of fun to both sides and add some pop culture to each other,” Rachel Hoagland said, adding that female characters in the game can also use the skin of NFL jersey, which is rarely seen in daily life. “We let women appear as NFL players, which is seldom seen in normal times. It’s kind of like that. We are very excited about the pioneering performance.

The starting point of NFL’s cooperation with Fortress Night is to encourage schools and families to do more sports. Nowadays, people’s life is surrounded by a variety of video games. For example, children’s games occupy a lot of children’s leisure time. NFL hopes to attract people to participate in rugby or other sports by adding Rugby elements to the games, so as to advocate people to maintain 60% of their leisure time every day. More than ten minutes of sports time.

In fact, the cooperation between NFL and the night of the fortress has gone through a lot of thinking. The alliance found that although the game also allows players to use guns and ammunition to wipe out opponents in order to survive to the last minute. But compared with other shooting games, “Fortress Night” is suitable for people of all ages: cartoon-type characters, hit opponents without blood splashing, and you can also use various strange ways to find play in the game. At present, “Fortress Night” is the most popular “Escape Kill” game in North America, ranking second in the global nfl game jerseys traffic share. As a free game, plus the cartoon-style game experience, “Fortress Night” is very popular all over the world. In August this year, Epic Games released data showing that “Fortress Night” has more than 80 million active users, a record high. NFL can also use such a wide range of gamers to promote NFL brand globally.

In addition to ordinary players, this cooperation will also excite many NFL players, many players in the league are addicted to this game, including the Texan superstar JJ – Watt. The game helped him spend a lot of boring time during his season of reimbursement. JJ-Watt also launched a vote on his Twitter in February, asking people to choose between Survival of the Jedi and Night of the Fortress, and 80% voted for Night of the Fortress. Previously, “Fortress Night” launched a series of football shirt skin during the World Cup and added a large football field to the game; this time, in cooperation with the NFL, they may also add some NFL team’s stadiums in the game, so that players feel chasing in the NFL stadium.