The 2014 season, due to the off-season injuries, nfl jerseys cheap Odell until October ushered in the occupation career first show, from the beginning of November, he gradually adapt to the rhythm of the game NFL. Ninth weeks with the colts, he got 8 catches for 156 yards, tenth weeks in the face of the Seahawks detonation legion, the 7 time he got the ball 108 yards. Week twelfth Sunday night game, home court to face rivals the Dallas cowboys, Odell boarded the all NFL news headlines. If he had just started to get the attention of the main players before the game, after the game, his name was remembered by all NFL fans. The first attack in the second quarter of the game, he was fouled in the lost balance situation, on the ground before the full stretch arm, so that the whole body backward bent into an arc, with three fingers to quarterback Eli Manning came down to catch the ball, the ball in her arms on the ground at the same time, completed the 43 yard touchdown catch. This ball, many pupils believe that the history of the NFL’s most exciting ball.

This game he finally got 10 catches for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns, he may also be because the game had a huge confidence boost, from the beginning of the game, his last six games in his rookie season in the 5 ball more than 100 yards, a rest also got 90 yards. The season finale in the face of the eagle, Eli pass the ball 21 times amazing to him, he caught nfl jerseys wholesale 12 times, had a season high 185 yards. Finally Odell in his rookie season 12 games 91 receptions for 1305 yards to 12 touchdowns, three data break all giants rookie record history, averaging 108.8 yards is the league, beat the Cowboys star guard Zach Martin took over, and all the other, was named the best offensive rookie. In May 2015, his single hand ball was selected as the Madden NFL cover 16 of the game.

The 2015 season, Odell after some small fluctuations at the beginning of the season, and find the best condition in the middle of the season, from the beginning of the eighth week 6 consecutive games to catch more than one hundred yards, thoroughly established his league’s top wide receiver position. But the most impressive thing he has left this season is a negative news. In the last season, third games, game with the Carolina Panthers, and his opponent cornerback Josh Norman has repeatedly verbal and physical conflict, through the playback can be seen, there are several Odell in the cheap nfl jerseys attack after deliberately hit Norman. His 6 consecutive hundred yards in the end, he and some malicious as well as he led to a ban. The giants in many games this season in the final moments of victory to make me great playoff hopes once submissively, become more and more small. The game without Odell, the giants played by the Vikings again missed the playoffs Petals drop and waters flow.. Odell in the final 15 games to get 96 ball 1450 yards and 13 touchdowns in the season two team.

The 2016 season, the giants have been transformed into a defensive team on the offensive end, but could not find the state. Before the season five games, Odell only the ball 359 yards for 1 touchdowns. However, in the sixth week in the face of Baltimore crow in the game, he has long accumulated 8 catches broke out, got a career high 222 yards and 2 touchdowns, from the beginning of the game, Odell returned to the best state, the giants from losing streak suddenly turned into a six game winning streak. Fourteenth weeks in the cheap nike jerseys face of the League of nations top seed Dallas cowboys, the score is in low score in the case of deadlock, Odell come forward at the crucial moment, at the end of the third quarter he took a short pass into a 61 yard touchdown, let the team made the 10-7 lead, and finally the score remained until the end. After winning the game, the giants basically locked the playoffs. Odell finished the 16 regular season games in attendance this season, 101 catches for 1367 yards to 10 touchdowns again in the season two team.

However, he is most impressed by this season and is a negative news. In the wild card against the Green Bay Packers team before the game, he and several other receivers flew to Miami to attend a party. Although the matter was discovered by the media, but the team said it had nothing to do with the preparation of the team. Unfortunately, Odell is not able to use the performance of the voice of criticism to fight back. In the face of the poor performance of the entire season, the two line, he was the only time the pass was only caught 4 times, there are a number of key butter hands of the 11. The giants ended up with a big loss, and Odell, who did not play well, became a sinner.

This is the little Odell – Beckham’s life story so far, it is not difficult to see that he was born in the family of sports, the body of football talent is rare in the world, the field has been very convincing performance. But in the past two years, he has made some immature behavior, how many have some negative impact on the team. I hope he will be able to correct this season