Super jersey sports news Beijing standard time on the morning of October 2nd, four regular season game kicks off. The Miami dolphins on Thursday night at the hard rock arena, to meet the arrival of Cincinnati tigers. Currently the two teams record are 1 wins and 2 losses. Last week, the dolphins coach Adam led the team to win tough Gus Brown first win after taking office, there is no tiger in the face of the Mustang defense measures. The two teams in the last three meetings, the dolphins with a small win over the tigers.

The game, coach Gass will struggle cornerback Byron Maxwell removed first. After the last game, Gass has warned the players to win the game on the performance of the opportunity to win. The tigers rookie defensive tackle on the other side of Andrew billings and cornerback William Jackson III is still on the injured reserve list. The two current plight of 1 wins and 2 losses for the team will record back to 50% winning this Thursday night race will go all out, the coach may also have to adjust the lineup. It is worth mentioning that the game still belongs to this season, the dolphins will be wearing all orange shirt is white tiger and tiger.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the tigers on the field is still running back Bernard Kiwanis bench. The two sides after the attack without fruit, the ball in the two abandoned kick back to the tigers in the hands of Hill also re playing. Green angry again, two times for 37 yards, although Hill is underperforming, but to help the team to complete the four file 1 code conversion. The tiger in the other 30 yards to get a new opportunity to attack.

Then, the tiger run lead became tight end Bernard, after Nagent again to finish shooting. The nfl jerseys cheap because of the bad kickoff return, will start the attack before the 16 yard line. Tanja Hill in his pocket by mistake, tiger defensive end Carlos Dunn Alison manufacturing dropped the ball by defensive tackle multi – 25 yards in Mata Piku picked up the ball to complete the conversion. Because Bernard was sentenced to catch the offensive pass interference (Offensive Pass Interference), the tiger is difficult to get the first attack, Nagent continued to play 43 yards shot, will be extended the lead to 9 points. After the dolphins also failed to advance again, finally choose the tiger on the end of the first half.

To the last day, Dalton to pass up before because of the large number of loss code sacks, Najinte 47 yards shot hit fourth times. The difference has come to 15 points, leaving the dolphins have 13 minutes 30 seconds of time. The dolphin’s kickoff return performance without any improvement, only to 16 yards. The tigers replace play cornerback Josh Shaw in the defense was injured after the knee injury team, go off. After the dolphin was once again out, pass protection bad let Tanja Hill unable to play. Dalton dropped the ball after the third gear failure, but fortunately caused no ball. The tigers also in this attack consumes nearly 4 minutes, but also very good limited dolphin kick off position. Dolphins have been sent on fourth running backs Isaiah pidde, but is not much improved. The ball is forced in situ conversion. Dalton on the end of the game.