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Today we continue the offseason star biography series, this is nfl jerseys for everyone wholesale to bring the 2014 draft, the top defensive ends of Houston Dezhou, Judd clowney – viand.

In February 14, 1993, clowney was born in Sherlock, South Carolina, karst. In the hills south point high school, clowney is absolute football star, the second grade high school was hit on the main squad and his two brothers, Gilmore now buffalo Bill’s star cornerback Munster von seoul. The second grade high school year he played with the injury still got 17 sacks, together with Gilmore played 15 wins and 0 losses record. After the end of the season he made his surgery, he recovered after third years of high school jerseys game in 23 sacks, in fourth years is 29.5 sacks horrible. When he graduated from high school, he was recognized as one of the top students in 2011, and was considered to be the best in the last few years. In February 14, 2011, 18 year old birthday, he refused Clemson, Alabama, Florida state and Louisiana state universities, announced to join his hometown team, the University of South carolina.

With the 2011 national first new aura, naturally in the new season clowney became the team’s main. In the second week at University of Georgia in the game, he had 2 sacks made 1 times off the ball, four face Vanderbilt University, he was captured and killed 2 times 2 times to make the ball off. In the final 13 games his freshman Season 8 sacks 12 negative yardage tackle, was elected as the southeastern Conference (SEC) the best new year, also named in the two team league season. The 2012 season, clowney became the nation’s top defensive ends in the University for nfl jerseys cheap second years, in the regular season finale, in the face of enemy states Clemson University game, he got 4.5 sacks in one game, breaking the record of history. In this year, his 12 games 13 sacks 23.5 negative yardage grapple 3 made off the ball, won the award for the best defensive end of the Ted Hendrix award, and ranked in the Heisman award in sixth. However, the 2013 season, clowney repeatedly been plagued by injuries, the game starts and stops, performance than the previous year decline. Nevertheless, he decided to give up the University’s fourth year plan to participate in the 2014 NFL draft.

This is Judd viand – the story of Klauni, is the first national high school freshmen, and enter the NFL draft, Klauni is hundred-percent. Now after two years of injuries, the boy in the occupation field also show his strength. The new season if he and watts can healthy at the same time, Dezhou people rushed from all other clubs might make news.