NFL trading rumors gather: Raiders want to trade main Jaguar instead of quarterback.

As the NFL games of the 2018 season deepen, teams more or less exposed some loopholes and shortcomings, trade reinforcement has become the best way to solve the problem, and less than 10 days from the season’s trading deadline. Next, let’s take a look at the current market rumors.

The cowboy wants to deal with the Raiders, amali Cooper.

The Oakland Raiders intend to trade Amari Cooper, the outsider, for a first-round pick, and the Dallas Cowboys have a strong interest in Cooper among all the interested teams. Cowboys have been consulting people familiar with Cooper since the Raiders announced they wanted to trade him, gathering as much information as possible. This season the Cowboys have been extremely short of depth in taking over, so the Cowboys are willing to make a first-round substitution for the outsider, but before that the Cowboys have to make sure they pay. In return. It is reported that although the Raiders have listened to the Washington Red Pit, Indianapolis Colts offer, but the Dallas Cowboys give the chips are the most exciting. However, Cooper’s poor performance in recent years makes him feel that he is not worth the price of a first round. Despite All-Star performances in the first two seasons of his career, Cooper has only caught the ball 280 yards a game in 22 of his first six games of the season.

The Denver Mustangs put the star on the shelf with Thomas.

The Denver Mustangs have put their nine-year veteran Demales Thomas on the shelves. It is reported that many NFL teams jerseys have contacted the Denver Mustangs and the Mustangs have listened carefully to their offers, and the team is considering a most attractive offer. Thomas is now 30 years old, he has entered the end of his career, in the game, Mustang has begun to cut Thomas’s playing time, and the opportunity to distribute to young players. However, the Denver Mustang does not trade too early, until the October 30 trading deadline Mustang will listen to the relevant offer, it is basically certain that Mustang will be sent away the nine-year veteran minister. This season, Thomas receives 372 yards and three touchdowns 33 times, and his performance is good. Thomas can provide enough immediate action for teams that lack outside receivers.

The Jaguar is in trouble and still trusts Boulter.

Although Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys have been in trouble this season, and quarterback Bolters has been even worse, the team is still not considering a quarterback position to trade. The Jaguar had previously acquired runner-guard Carlos Hyde from Brown’s trade, and although many people wanted the Jaguar to replace a new quarterback, the conservative attitude of the Jaguar allowed Bolters to put some pressure off. It is reported that Jaguars think the quarterback problem is not serious, because the injury makes the team too busy. In the absence of Fornett to share the pressure, Bolters this season six games have thrown eight intercepts, errors continue. In the game just now, the Jaguar lost again, during the game Bolters successive misses, and eventually replaced the bench. Nevertheless, the Jaguar is still reluctant to blame the quarterback for the problem, and the Jaguar will not trade Bolters.