Now the training camps for each NFL team are in full swing. Today, let’s work together to find out who became the “winner” in the training camp.

Andrew: LAK is undoubtedly one of the biggest winners in the rest of the year. The quarterback of the Indianapolis pony’s quarterback finally got rid of the injury. LAK finally returned to the court after a season of NFL games. For Andrew LAK, his performance in the training camp was no doubt a success. In Sunday’s training, Lack made 19 of 22 passes, seemingly restoring his former form and making all the defenders feel powerless. He showed a new skill in passing, and he played a role in a variety of offensive tactics, but most importantly, he was fully trained and he would not feel the pain of the injury any more.

All summer, the Indianapolis pony team said that the LAK had returned to the best, and it was a comfort to the fans to see the pain of getting rid of the injuries. Lac and the colt coach Frank Reich will be working together for the first time, which will make Indianapolis Colts full of potential.

Houston Dezhou: for Dezhou people, no news is the best news. In the Dezhou training camp, all the big stars came back to the team, JJ- Watt jerseys , de Watson, Whitney Mather Ruth run healthfully on the court, feeling like they had never been injured in the last season. Another star, JAD vici, had a good knee recovery after the off-season operation. He joined the team this weekend. The top players returned all the way. The Dezhou people became the most powerful team in the Southern District of the United States. It was a historic victory for Dezhou people.

Newly signed left-wingers: Atlanta Falcons left-winger Jack Matthews looks good and bad, but that’s enough to get him a super fat contract. Now the price of NFL’s left front is rising, and any left – off at the average level can get a ten million dollar annual salary: the Seattle hawk provides a 5 year manure for the 31 year old Duane Brown, and the Tennessee Titan’s left wing Taylor – Le Wan has become the highest paid Zuo Jiefeng; and The left side of New York’s left wing Soder was awarded a 5 year fat contract early.

For today’s NFL teams, it is very difficult to cultivate a left-handed volleyball, only the high-ranking volleyball in the draft can be satisfactory. Think about the current market for the left front, and think of the Dallas cowboy in 2014 with a 10 year old lock on Teran Smith, a really far sighted operation. I have to say that the left front is absolutely an enviable job.

The big contract for the runner: the ram signed a 4 – year 4 – year contract for Todd – Gly. Gly’s contract is about to start a high salary age for a runner. In the past, even the runner usually got a few million dollars in salary, but now with Gly’s contract, we can completely imagine Le von – Baer became a free player in a year, and the Arizona Cardinals David Johnson was likely to sign a similar contract before the start of the season; and the Dallas cowboy had promised Izel Elliot that the team would soon provide a big bag of money.

If the fronts are already in a golden age, then the guards won’t have the least money to get the least, and with Gly’s contract, the guards’ salary will be a leap, which is what these players have won for years.

Tacon Austen: after the arrival of the Dallas cowboy jerseys online sale, tacon Austen was trusted. In training, Austen was in the cowboy training team. He was in a very tacit agreement with another Cole – beer – beer. Now Austen is playing a very important role, the cowboy offensive coordinator Scott – lane Many offensive formations have been practised, and Austen has been reused.

To know that last year in the Losangeles rams jerseys, T – Feng – Austen had hardly got the chance, but the cowboy believed Austen would have full potential in Dallas, and Austen was a winner for a player abandoned by the team last season.


John – Brown: after two seasons of injury, at least in the Baltimore Raven training camp at least this year, Brown has recovered 100% of his health, he started to practice actively, as in 2015 when he was in the Arizona Cardinals to get a thousand yards of the season, Ren Jiankang’s Brown, as long as Brown do not Injured in training camp and well into the first week, Brown will be a raven’s sharp knife to get him back on his feet from last season’s slump.