From the slums to the NFL giants jerseys, the inspirational show shows the reality version of “happiness knocks.”

Previously, the Giants’homepage had described the inspirational story of Jon Harapio’s transformation from a used car agent to the main center of the team. But in the New York Giants, it’s not just Harapio that has experienced such a small man’s retrograde attack. The other person’s story may be even more moving. He’s this year’s rookie security guard, Sean Chandler.

Shortly after the 2008 NFL draft, Chandler signed a contract with the New York Giants as a failed rookie, but that was far from the beginning of the story. In Chandler’s childhood, he had been displaced with his family, living in as many as six homeless shelters, and more often than not they had to move to find a place to live. Perhaps such a statement is not accurate, because you can hardly call it “home” in those places. But in Chandler’s childhood, it was luxurious to live in the same place for more than a week.

Such experience is like the story of the movie when happiness knocks.

Chandler’s efforts paid off when Francis Brown, a rugby coach at Temple University, took him to the NFL. From the freshman year, Chandler has been the starting safety guard of the team. In the four years he has played for the team, he has scored 10 copies, ranking seventh in team history. After that, Chandler was naturally invited to rookie training camp, but his 40-yard run was only 4.65 seconds, a result that many people were disappointed with because they saw Chandler showing more than 4.65 seconds on the court. So even though Chandler had proved himself on the court, he was still out of the draft in 2018.

The evaluation of a player can not simply look at his physical fitness, more important is often his performance on the court. Chandler is such a player, even if not outstanding athletic ability, but he is the best player to play.

“He changed the culture of Temple University football team.” Brown said. “He made watching video games a cool thing, and he made it cool to practice a little bit more every day. He’s almost 24 hours a day in the team. He’s just a ball. ”

And this competitive nature has attracted the attention of New York giant coach Pat – hammer. As early as the rookie camp, Shermar praised the player for Chandler’s excellent performance. Everyone is trying to improve themselves to help the team. ”

“He was not afraid of the collision between the football protectors, so you could hardly see him missing the tackle.” Brown said. “If the champion can bring his college performance to the NFL game jerseys, he will soon be a starter.”

Every inspirational story ends with a perfect ending. Chris Gardner in “When Happiness Knocks” struggles to become a stock trader, then opens up his own stock brokerage company and eventually becomes a well-known financial investor.

After a close-up test with Chandler at Temple University, the New York Giants jerseys knew it was a must-miss player and immediately signed him a three-year, $1.72 million contract after the draft. Chandler is now a full member of the New York Giants’53-man squad for the 2018 season, and he is currently a backup guard, second only to Curtis Riley. It is because of Chandler’s presence that the team can safely walk through the first two years of the tour: Darion Thompson and Andrew Adams.

Chandler entered the team’s 46-man roster for the season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguar at home, and he continued to move on to a bigger dream.

Thump, happiness really opened the door for Chandler, who worked hard.