The difference is huge. NFL will not introduce the National Anthem policy this season.

No matter how many meetings and negotiations the NFL league jerseys, team bosses and players’unions have held this season on the issue of protests during the National Anthem Ceremony, the NFL League will not come up with policies on this issue this season, according to reliable sources on Sunday.

It is reported that at least from this season, the new policy is no policy.

Although the parties to the meeting will continue to consult on this issue, but because of the position of some members too firm to make compromises, ultimately leading to a new deal difficult to produce.

Since 2016, NFL players jerseys have been sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem ceremony to protest against social issues such as racial injustice and police violence. After the appearance of this phenomenon, the United States launched a heated debate over the protests of the players. The NFL League and the NFL players’Union have yet to say whether a player will be punished if he sits up or kneels during the National Anthem ceremony this season.

In May this year, the NFL alliance adopted a new national anthem policy. However, one and a half months ago, this policy had not yet been implemented and it was temporarily stranded. The League hopes to have more in-depth communication with the players’ Union on this policy.