Who chooses heaven? Bill injured 24 points guard, Allen is afraid to be forced to start.

This year’s No. 7 Show Josh Allen may easily become Buffalo Bill’s starting quarterback. Bill’s No. 12 quarterback AJ McCullen and Nathan Pitman were injured in training on Sunday and left the court. This means that, at least in the next preseason, Josh Allen should start as a quarterback, and if McCullen and Pitman are seriously injured, Allen may be the first rookie quarterback to start in the 2018 season. Nevertheless, it’s not yet clear how many NFL games you’ll be able to start, and the rookie quarterback could be a “pick-me-up” situation.

The injuries to Macallan and Pittman were quite unexpected. AJ McCullen was captured and killed by his teammates during an 11vs 11 training session for Buffalo Bill. Defenders are not allowed to have physical contact with quarterbacks during Bill’s training sessions. After being captured, McCullen limped to the court. Bill’s trainers examined McCullen in detail. McCullen tried to continue training to prove himself. But after one attack, McCullen threw his helmet on the ground in frustration and came to the trainer again. After that, Macallan did not return to training. From the previous news, although McCullen scored 116 yards in 7-10 in Bill’s first preseason game, McCullen did not perform well in training, and many of Bill’s players were dissatisfied with McCullen’s role as No. 1 quarterback. Perhaps it was because of the discontent in Bill’s players that the quarterback was captured in training by his teammates, which was probably because Bill’s players wanted to take their cheap game jerseys frustration out of their minds, or they wanted the team to send Josh Allen to start early.

Of course, even if McCullen was injured and left training, Nathan Pitman was ahead of Josh Allen, but maybe it was a natural instinct. Nathan Pitman was injured as suddenly as McCullen was in training. In Pitman’s last personal session, he tried to pass the ball into the end zone, but the quarterback slipped and fell heavily on the ground with his right hand, which made Pitman miserable. He left the field and was examined by the trainer, but the injury to his right hand seemed serious. Pittman’s attempts to pass several passes were all very bad.

So it’s a happy thing for Josh Allen, who has been injured by two other quarterbacks competing against him for the start. He’s probably laughing and he’s now able to play the first quarterback without much effort. Nathan Pitman and AJ McCullen were quarterbacks in the first echelon of Buffalo Bill’s training, while Josh Allen had few chances of getting into the first echelon. Pitman started Buffalo Bill’s pre-season game as a starting quarterback last week, then AJ McCullen and Josh Allen replaced each other, but the three quarterbacks were fairly average in pre-season, with Josh Allen slightly worse. Allen tried 19 passes The ball has only been completed 9 times, but it has gained a touchdown.

Buffalo Bill does not actually have a definite starting quarterback, but now Josh Allen has wholesale nfl jerseys taken the lead in the competition, ensuring health has become the cornerstone of Allen’s superiority. Although Bill’s coach refused to disclose the quarterback deployment for the next preseason, it was hard for Josh Allen not to start, considering the injuries of McCullen and Pitman.