Think of 10 years ago once No bengals boys jerseys you know who is useless are not good, accidentally exposed to a “big man”, communicate quite well, quite right, on the phone. Thought that this is a very important network resources. Soon, just meet a difficulty, thought of the “big man””. So, send a long message, not back! And then call a phone, the results, heard two words: no empty! To tell the truth, at that time, there was a sense of frustration.

A lot of people have encountered such a refusal, that and the other side left the phone to save the WeChat, should be able to help each other, but forget an important thing:

Only resource equality, in order to help each other!

A lot of social and not what others, seemingly left the phone, but when you need help, just call a bust. Because you are not good enough – though very cruel, but who is willing to help a person who is not good?

In 2014, my staff share “time management” course for a college in Shanghai, a young doctor asked said: “you are busy working, often encounter some of the casual visitor, refused? Will not lose contacts?” I say:

Only good people can get useful social!

The young doctor sense of Enlightenment: the “before no doctorate, few people take the initiative to find me, I now understand why some people take the initiative to find me”. Finally, he said he certainly should spend more time on their own research projects, there is no need to waste time in the ineffective social.

If you are not good enough, the network is not valuable, it is not the pursuit of, but to attract. Only the equivalent of the exchange, in order to get a reasonable help – although it sounds very cold, but this is the fact that.

I have such a person around, he spent most of the day and friends together, the United States jerseys factory supply and its name: make friends, relationship. For friends, often ignore the family, and the family together time is very small.

In the beginning, there is a group of friends around, followed, in his heart, there is a friend like a friend. Later, the people who can also be gradually away, why? The main reason is that they do the better the better, in addition to no time, I am afraid that is not that necessary. Because when you spend time in a mix of friends, their own do not have the ability to work hard, but also failed to lay the foundation of a good career.

The weather is unpredictable, his body out of the situation, had cancer. The doctor said that with the usual habits of life have a lot of relationships, such as social intercourse often lead to excessive drinking, life is not the law, etc.. Sadly, when a friend knew that he had cancer, like a plague from him, and finally accompanied by the side of the only family.

It will be a feeling: the fickleness of the world! This is more than one? Rui Chenggang when bengals bistro jerseys menu he chained and thrown into prison all over the world, the “old friends” are missing, the old buddies is the loss of a supporter, who was poured down.

When you are not strong enough, good enough, do not spend too much valuable time to socialize, spend more time reading, improve professional skills. Give up the useless social, improve themselves, the world can be more!

Of course, except, when you are in trouble, he said we are brothers, you are rich, he still says we are brothers. Never abandon this people, it is called a true friend, he is not applicable to the above rules. Without this many people, in the flamboyant world, several.

Fan Bingbing once said, I do not marry wealthy, I was a wealthy. To treat this matter also have to come up with Fan Ye fan:

I do not pursue contacts, I am a network of contacts!

Please remember:

Contacts are not in other people’s body, but hidden in their own: only to make themselves strong, you can get useful contacts!

“Many people know” does not mean “connected” connections: first rule is to jerseys different color reverse the amount of heroes “network view.

The basis of your network is your “use value”: the more you use it, the more it will help you. Instead of spending time on more than one person, it is not the time to improve your personal values.

“With” “mutual aid” and “carried”: the investment and the level of our similar jerseys Free Shipping people, everyone is a kind of equality mutual relationship. In addition to help people lower than him, like to buy cheap stocks, these stocks really can make people earn a lot of money.