In 2012 the American No mistake browns combat jerseys film “couples” can decide a lifetime (TheWords), the main story is the literary youth Laurie accidentally discovered an old manuscript, he was fascinated by this novel, but in his own name to the doings of ghosts and gods published. That novel won literary awards, he was famous, previous works are to be published again. However, when the original author of the novel came to the door, Luo Ruicai found that, in addition to shame and embarrassment, stealing other people’s fame and fortune to bring him a greater inner distress.

The original author experienced Shenglisibie, now lonely old, he does not intend to expose Laurie, do not accept money for compensation, even don’t want Laurie to announce the truth, he just wanted to let Laurie know the origin of this work, which embodies the story of his life and emotion. Soon the old man died, and no one knew the secret. Laurie admitted to his wife and publisher that the fame was not written by himself, but he chose to hide it from the public. I believe that the hearts of Luo Rui will echo the original author said: “you will make a lot of choices in life, with this choice to live, is the most difficult part.”

Laurie’s experience is a sign that everyone will be in a situation where you found that you had made the wrong choice, brought trouble to the day and caused the loss When you confound, will regret what will not blame regret past doings, confused, misled you will blame others…… However Wholesale jerseys authentic, when it has been done not again, complaining, complaining all It doesn’t help the situation. also have no sense, that you are not willing to face the reality, but also have the courage to say: “it is that I choose, I will choose to bear the consequences of today.”

In our life, who can make mistakes, the key is to make a mistake, you are choosing to regain power, or to give up.

In fact, no jerseys supply center matter what kind of mistake, no matter how the chaotic situation, just a short life. No mistake can decide a lifetime. If you think there are some mistakes especially serious consequences from the ruined his get out of hand, or the lives of others, and finds himself from insulation and happiness…… That’s a bit extreme. You may mistakenly believe that your life is determined by certain opportunities and that you can’t change anything. As everyone knows, no matter what, no matter how others look at you, no matter how you behave at the time, what kind of attitude to life now, still depends on your choice.

The discovery of a mistake is a great opportunity to reflect on yourself and modify from the source. If Luo Ruizhen’s learn to see themselves, you can learn a lot from life. His father had said: “sincere words and earnest wishes of people including mature life independence, but also accept their limitations.” When immersed in the dream of the writer Laurie didn’t listen, read and occasionally find the manuscript, he saw his gap, knew he did not become a good writer, but then he has not learned to face reality.

When he saw “becoming a writer” above all else, he did not know the value of life, did not understand the value of their own, and did not fully enjoy the family jerseys top quality and love. His father and his wife loved him as much as he could not write or make mistakes. A man can not see what you have, but live in anxious self doubt, think must rise head and shoulders above others in a certain field, life will have meaning, that is how narrow.

It is difficult to live with the wrong choice, but it is not know how to find their own strength. Unintentionally, it was not a major event, that they can not afford to bear, it is too underestimated their own. How can you expect the next time you choose the right one if you always look at the situation more powerful than yourself and give up your strength?