Then one day, you No one is 2016 cheap nike jerseys see my “intimate for sale casually successful enemies”, do you think the investment bank male handsome, open Cadillac, go to Australia for a vacation, with millions of sign a contract, make the world at my feet; then one day, you see a subtle advertising, when you praise, feel good Marketing the tide, can grasp the pulse of the market, can indulge in his own ideas; then one day, you see a real estate senior, you see him every day and all kinds of rich people access to a variety of upscale places, with all kinds of waste micro-blog, do you feel good money in real estate, and rich people can at least together;

Then one day, you see a FMCG classmate, you see him all over the world to travel, live in five star hotel in various places, each moonlight tax is as much as your salary, do you think the FMCG good scenery, and customers whenever they talk about tens of millions of business.

So one day, your life may be many ordinary day, you may also be called “night and day dream every day”. So largest discount jerseys nike one day, may be the moment you envious may be prompted by a sudden impulse, is a starting point that you struggle.

And more often, you see, in fact, does not mean that you know all, more you do not see behind.

You see, he is left in the table pocket, right hand screen, handsome Pre to many customers, the signing of the contract twenty million. Don’t you see, he is in the three weeks ago, began to sleep only three hours a day, ten years ago from the data found yesterday, a little bit of doing very detailed analysis of data for their own programs, to find any sell opportunities.

You see, he is out of nike jerseys free shipping five star hotel, in all kinds of balls to wear handsome dress, tied a small bow. Don’t you see, he is to go for a two level proxy clients, and migrant workers huddled in a sleeper bus on the car, take the risk of being stolen robbed of the crash, while knocking the mail, looking around the surprised eyes.

You see, he just entered the company, got the annual director award. Don’t you see, he is a public project to four hundred thousand words, self-study materials in 4 days, let oneself become an expert from a layman in four days. In learning, he can eat 24 hours, do not sleep.

You see, he is brilliant after the success of the tall image, he jerseys for sale nike became a statue in your heart, so you become a lifelong pursuit of the goal and destination.

What you didn’t see was how many times he fell in the dirt before he became that man, and even let someone step on his own body.

You complain no chance, no contacts, no time, no preparation, even feel bad environment that is really days I also.

Have you thought about those who slept later than you, get up earlier than you, you run faster than hard, talent than you Niubi, they already ran in the morning that you can only use the view distance, and they are getting closer.

No man’s youth is a walk on the red carpet, since want to be that others cannot reach the self pay, others can not match the effort. If you do not work hard, do not blame God, did not give you a chance.