Sick for three No one is brisbane broncos days, things delayed a baby jerseys elite grass root lot. Have some topic, is planning to take advantage of the respondent to end entry before the relatively idle time devoted to write something, but now, if each are a I have the capability of a long and minute statement, the writing, the two are also too much mind. In the evening wandering around the Internet I how many committed a critical odor problems, simply write together. Said wrong, please bear.

Always hear people say that this sentence, life is a marathon, not winning at one fifteen. A long time ago I thought this view is very objective, yes, so many opponents, not necessarily which moment who in front of you, to win the final count.

Now I think, this sentence is also a big problem.

Although the process of life is full of competition, but its purpose is definitely not competition. We study hard, work, enrich and improve themselves, the ultimate goal should not be in order to exceed the number of others, but rather to achieve their own self realization of the requirements of the heart. The work you love to do jerseys supply center, want to do, then spend more time and energy, it is worth much, finally ushered in the number of harvest, the heart has scale; you don’t love this thing so, consider the importance of investment, the corresponding energy and time and finally made many achievements, but also do not have to make causal, and others. People have advantages and disadvantages, need not be pleased with oneself for yourself than who on that matter – head feel strong, there is no need for yourself in something bad one half step is small. Manage yourself. A person’s energy is limited, so how big difference, if we abandon all the minor details, seize the key points, is difficult; if you can but strife mentality, just calmly use talent and corresponding hard to deal with, is valuable.

Sometimes, we complain, because there is no more want to understand what you want don’t want what. Life is even long-distance running, but also a long-distance race without opponents, if there is only your opponent, in the process, you only need to focus on their progress can be.

In my current is not too long and life experience, many ordinary people in contemporary jerseys china factory society Chinese in pursuit of “shortcut” is really let me not agree.

Early registration from the queue, the fare evasion Zhanxiaopianyi to want to play and leisure, difficult to hang from the hospital, always bone to the antique market expectations Jianlou, of all kinds, it is in small, even for nothing.

Any situation that I can imagine, we pay hard cost and obtain substantial gains are closely related (note that I say is a substantial income, by threats to mentor Dutch act for a degree that is not the last). Perhaps the difference between the two, but this is more because we are in different levels of interest chain. When we are still at the very low level we start to imagine paying very little cost to get a great benefit.

At the age of twelve I wanted to get a job that would allow me to earn enough money before I was thirty, retire at the age of thirty and spend money every day. Read a few years middle school I understand this wish is how silly X. Now, I think I love to find a job, has been devoted in this work effort and work until I have a party no longer need the other party so far, this is extremely happy, money and fame, the necessary intermediate just for accessories; and most of these things and situations you can not take into account the interest and time. Conversely, a small child up to find a relaxed, money, respect, love their work, and then relax for a lifetime, this is also very.

Very simple, how much you get, able to withstand heavy battering truth, at least I am here.

This thing also want to say, my middle school is in Shaanxi province middle school every year Tsinghua university students are the most, from time to time jump out a champion. I was in middle school, often because the data that self expansion, feel oneself is a member of the school, so in particular cattle at other schools, students feel superior head.

On the university I immediately understand that their high school state simply like a clown.

I must admit that there are advantages and disadvantages of groups and groups. But deciding whether a group is good or bad is an individual. A university is good, because there is a master or have master, assuming a famous university a generation or even generations is no longer a master, not a leader, the famous brand has outwardly strong but inwardly weak or even just by later generations, as capital show and loud. (Tsinghua and Peking university admissions process this year in all got a Wholesale jerseys authentic raise a Babel of criticism of true and false, but, if true, the master of the two schools have to live at the late gas)

We always used to use the relatively outstanding group to mark himself, as if some sort of identity, from high school to university to work units, like the group identity is very safe, have quality assurance, as long as this population is out, I will be excellent quality of business essence cooked. In fact, the causal inversion. You can initially be in this group, because at first you worked hard, improved,