No one hope the sky is blue forever, just a piece of! Sometimes we want to own a little cruel, cannot indulge sad disappointment; sometimes we want to their loved ones a little cruel, they will love memory. Bbsuucom. when I grow up, I want to have no one to be a rag picker. Remember that young, you love to chat I love to laugh. What is love in the end, why so bitter so painful, as long as it can hold Ladies Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys, to die or not willing to give up, to die is willing to. Buried, is you, is also me, walked is us.

Later, I once became a woman do not believe in love, then I go, go to the desert to go inside, not to love, I think it is to find a past life of nostalgia. If I choose to end my life this way, you also want to understand, because this is a kind of happiness for me. Because of God’s constant love, I can learn to love the world of every tree and Bush sand. I smile, then face like flowers in spring, will be able to move people, who he is. Road is composed of foot and the foot, said that the road is to walk out of the foot, each said that each person has a different way. Don’t go to see the wound, it will one day be scarred, scars do not fade, but it won’t hurt.

The taste of life, whether it is highbrow, vegetables and tofu, wants to taste. If I don’t like it, I don’t marry a millionaire. If I like, I do marry. Sad people, give them comfort, hungry people, give them food, but what I can do, why is the latter. She said, love a night, a cup of tea, a Book of life. After all, is to their flight, can look at each other is a thousand years and is. I am a man, as free as the air, when I am free of my heart, I will never compromise. With vigour and vitality of love, lay down reading. I think Puhuo, must be very happy. Love is like a Zen Buddhist, not to say you can not say that is wrong.

After all, happiness is compared, stay, and not strong, but in the heart of the bitter, Qiefu pain, I still want to say: “for love’s sake, this farewell to the Ladies Ravens Jerseys  cup, let me drink!” The burning of a person’s soul, is the love of life, it is death! I use my life to realize my dream, the moment of life is gone forever. You don’t know now, you know, it’s too late. To do the most reliable friend, sichanlanda always his people. I’m lucky, not my life!

This life is my first love, today is my lover! Every miss you once, the sky falls a grain of sand, and formed the cheap nike nfl jerseys Sahn school can roll, but can not read! The reason why people are sad is because we can’t keep the time; but the more we can’t face is the one day, the youth, just like this. Person’s life is not the length, lies in whether the pain is happy too. One day, if you accidentally made a fortune, to hold it, tens of millions of dollars, poured gasoline on fire, lit the fire to go back, do not look to see how it is ashes, this thing, both love and hate

Good child, deliberately looking for things, often can not find. All the things in the world come and go, have his time. It is my pain now, if it is Jose, I killed to fight back to God for him. After all, we are empty, empty, worldly possessions, but soon gone what we can take, left, except for love, what else? Dust to dust, soil to the soil, I belong to us! There is no trace of the sky, but I have flown!

No matter the length of life, no matter joy sadness, everything will be in the past, to those flowers, those water. Personal experience, unfortunate fate that I was forced to mature, all this is the price when the day after the strength to live. Please in the will of God, in the world of things is not accidental, someday it will all have an explanation. The rain outside the window, tears in my heart, that day never drop out