Go to the movies Not everyone browns jerseys “Duo A dream” at sale can meet the A dream the end of the weekend, when friends are holding my arm cry silly. I looked around at everyone sniffle. It’s just a good animated film for kids. For those tears in the darkness of the adults, I think, perhaps brought them a lot of memories, is not only a A dream to accompany the day, and those who disappear from your side in the growth of people.

I don’t see animation, for me, the significance and the head A dream is the same. Girlfriends face contempt at 3D glasses in my hand lens blur, and asked why I cry. I said: “my tears are not for childhood, not to have any door A Doraemon, nor to the end of the sensational” let friends be happy together, is to leave “, but for the clumsy boy called wild than male.”

Living in Tokyo is not clever, not wild than male, dry, kind and sensitive, is in the class the strong violent bully boy. The history of growing up, actually it is a silly child had gone through the dark past. I was looking down at the time of the album, and staggered with all his strength to stand up, suddenly think of a boy in the class to the junior middle school.

We call him Wukong, because he has ears with stature, looks really like a funny monkey. In the middle era, there are two of the most popular students: one is smart is good, can be an easy job to do good students to answer math problems out; another is not to learn, but fight badly, never a wild and intractable attitude, or sleep in the last row of the bad boy. Even if one does not belong to any of the two groups, but as long as you cheap authentic nhl jerseys zuitian legs, can also have a small group of their own. But, but Goku do not have, also very stubborn, so Goku is always a person to go to the toilet, a person lying on the desk to do exercises.

The school gate is a hundred meters long snack street, Wukong parents pushing a tricycle placed inside a selling fruit pancake stalls, hit an egg, 1.5 yuan a. 10 years ago, the small town, in Internet cafes playing an hour to 1.5 yuan, the boys to play a game in the cafe, to save lunch. But don’t eat hungry, so they put the plug in the toilet door Wukong, clenched fist at him hit two, give him some color to see see, then talk about the conditions, after commands Goku with 4 pancake fruit to the classroom.

Those boys are higher than for a monkey head monkey, silently red eyes looked up staring at them. Goku so thin, their fists and so strong, fist hurts on him. You silly, certainly know for a few fruit pancake beaten not cost-effective ah. However, the second day at noon, he still left with nothing whatsoever to return to the classroom, hung his head, holding the physics textbook endorsement.

The boys came back from the cafe, did not see lunch, naturally very upset. Go to the monkey with vigorous strides before he reached his hand from the chair onto the back of the classroom wall. He is really dead brains, do not resist, although with tears in his eyes, but still lips, eyes staring at the physics textbooks in hand.

The boys swarmed to him a monkey still cry, cuff and kick, just face the painful expression. I am the monitor, holding a bunch of boys are bad behavior evidence, just report to the teacher, they will inevitably have to suffer punishment. So I ordered them not to coerce, wukong.

Wukong in the boys jerseys at best discount heckling slowly looked up and saw me, and picked up the physics textbook of the ground is crushed, and go back to your seat.

Then I thought, my behavior is not to rescue girls but Goku, emotional heroism bursting, like martial arts novels full of justice a high drop from the clouds demon slayer, win the people cheer. If it is a pure love novels, so I should be moved to Goku, dark feelings, sitting alone in a corner, secretly watching my every act and every move. But the life which can according to the novel routine ah, Wukong did not like me, we are still the same as before no intersection between too much, he still so stupid, even mad math teacher took a blackboard eraser at his position, lost in the past, said: “the pig is smarter than you.”

Senior high school entrance examination before high school teacher to the school admissions. The teacher told him to find Wukong conversation, learning from the family to go to school, he is the most sensible choice. In fact, Goku scores is not bad, is scheduled to be on the ranking in the class, but science is really rotten in a complete mess.

The teacher took the hands of Goku refuses to form a second without hesitation, said: “I still want to try.”

Senior high school entrance examination, I have never seen a monkey, just heard him to score higher than 5 score of low-key test to the experimental middle school, after the college entrance examination to the south of a two university.

When I heard the news, I was very happy that stupid kid Goku, kept pace, was finally able to catch up with their peers can team, as most people do, after graduating from college, find a good job, marry a girl as well.